Kissing wheel

(JP with Redsword and Cindy)

Rose looked up at the dolphin (there weren't any horses) plushie key chain and the photo keychain she had picked out. "Hmmm...what can I give you?" Rose slipped her arms around his shoulders, she moved in closer to him and kissed him, deeply. When they came up for air Rose smiled at him. "How's that?" Kaylee had chosen a panda for her plushie keychain she jokingly paused for a moment. "I think if you want payment you need to get a little closer to my lips." When Conner moved she kissed him and wrapped her arms around his waist. And kissed him again. "There you even got a tip." She grinned at him. The guys asked what the girls wanted to do next and both girls agreed the Ferris wheel sounded good. So, the four of them went off to wait in line for the Ferris wheel but with a stop first to buy some water. They were standing in line, sipping water. Rose held JD's hand and the two got a few kisses between each other.

Kaylee was happy to be with Conner like this; happy and still surprised. As she looked forward she noticed that Carter was now standing with Blossom. Suddenly things made more sense. She said to Conner, "I think we don't have to worry about how Blossom will take it, any longer." If he really wanted to be with Kaylee who Blossom was with shouldn't bother him, other than the concern among friends that the guy was good which Kaylee would want for Blossom as well. From what Kaylee knew Carter was a nice guy. That was Kaylee's thought any way.

"I am hurt replaced already?" said Conner quietly with some sarcasm to Kaylee. "I think he is a nice guy what I know of him. I am relived now I dont need to hold back unless you want me too." Conner said looking into Kaylee's eyes and going in for a kiss.
JD looked into Roses eye's he knew that they were not holding back much now. still reserved in public but comfortable with one another. JD wanted to keep asking if everything was good with them and their pace in their relationship. JD just had to trust her and himself. After they kissed putting his forehead on hers JD hesitated "I am giving you all my heart. I have some trouble in my past as well and don't trust easily. But I can't help it with you. KNow there is nothing that can change that. I won't let Anything take you away as long as you want that. Either finding heaven or walking through hell I am here for you." JD said softly with love in his voice.

Kaylee smiled at Conner's response to the situation. As for him holding back, did she want that? It took no thought for her to respond, "Not at all." Easily returning his kiss. She smiled softly at him, "Well, being with you feels way more like heaven. I think trusting doesn't come easy to either of us but we have found it in each other. I want you to know I always feels safe with you. There haven't been many people, in my life, that make me feel like that."

Conner grind and could not help himself to joke. "So.. we can have sex right now?" he said quietly joking. He would not do something like that. though He did fine Kaylee was very sensual. Most people did not know that Conner had not had sex yet most just assumed he had. only a few of his friends knew that. Conner would treat her Like the jewel she is. JD was speechless he did not know how to reply to that. No one has said that before to him. JD hugged her tighter feeling her body next to his was making his heart beat faster things were happening to him that have not happened before. The excitement was making him more passionate about her. "We can only hope our love goes down in history." he said softly. Then realizing what he just said his body tensed up some.

Kaylee quietly laughed at Conner's joke and just as quietly joked back, "I think security might have an issue with that." Kaylee didn't know whether he had or not, for herself, she hadn't either but she didn't expect people thought she had. She didn't really know what they thought.
Rose noticed JD had used the word love but it wasn't exactly a dedication of love. It wasn't the three little words. Rose though knew exactly how she responds if he had. She instead smiled softly at him, "That's what I would hope for." It wasn't hard to say because it was the truth.

Conner smiled "I would think they would disapprove of such acts." he said with a light laugh. Conner looks up they were close to getting on now. "I dought you are afraid of heights right?" he asked. JD relaxed gave Rose another kiss and hug then looked up. " it's almost our turn. I forgot to ask I know some people have problems with heights. You good with heights?" asked JD.

Kaylee thought it was nice and kind of cute Conner had asked but she expected he already knew the answer. They had gone flying together but this was different in a sense. "Nope, no problems with heights. I kind of like being up high actually." Rose returned the kiss, "I have no problems with heights." Considering he had gone sky diving before she figured that it wasn't a problem for him

JD got a smile "good, I had to get over that when I was 6 had to repel down a 100-foot cliff." JD said looking up. "My dad must love me," he said sarcastically. JD thought for a moment not every kid got to do things he did. But wondered what normal dads did with their kids. "What do you do with your dad?" JD inquired. Conner chuckled "I will have to remember that you like being on top," he said with a grin. The Ferris wheel was starting to load now held Kaylee's hand and got in first and helped her in next. He really wanted to just carry her in but that would not go well with the operators of the ride. Conner slid over so Kaylee could be right next to him. Conner put his arm around her before the cart started to move.

Kaylee grinned and breathed a laugh at Conner's comment. She got into the ride and sat right next to Conner. The cart door was closed and it moved just a little to let more people on. Rose was thinking about how to respond to JD's question as it was now their turn to get into a cart. JD got in first and then Rose sat next to him. The cart door was shut and they moved forward just a little.
It was then Rose answered JD, "Nothing. My father never spent anytime with me as a child. I mean sometimes the kids were allowed to go to the fancy parties but we were shuffled off to an area with the nannies. A few of the fathers would get their daughters to dance with or spend time with their sons but my father would just ignore me all night." She then paused. "Sorry, I didn't mean to bring down the mood." He has asked though and she was just telling the truth.

Conner's arm was long enough that he could put his arm around her and still rest his hand on her thigh. This time it was not dark but He could not tell with his eyes closed passionately kissing Kaylee. Conner's other hand cupped her face as he kissed her. JD could not imagine how his life would be without his father in it. He was quiet for it seemed a minute. JD smiled "I guess that just means you can spend more time with me." He said Hoping not to spoil the moment with Rose. He kissed her as the cart started to move. when they stopped. "Regardless I look forward to meeting them one day. I know my Mom and dad want to get to know you better I guess I can't leave my sister out either. I can't wait to show them what a great person you are," said JD looking very happy.

Kaylee closed her eyes as well as they kiss. It all seemed so amazing that this was happening. Actually happening. She put her own hands down so one of them was touching his thigh.
Rose figured JD was trying to lighten the mood and the question had just been a regular question; it was just Rose's parents weren't normal parents. She returned the kiss and was glad when the topic changed to his family. "Thanks. I look forward to getting to know your family as well. Actually I have something for your sister." Rose smiled at him.

Conner got as close as he could as they kissed much like the Friday night they had together in his car he was quite comfortable with Kaylee. He enjoyed kissing her and her neck. Holding her in his arms was intoxicating his heart normally did not race but now pounding. Conner had all kinds of thoughts of her racing through his mind as they made out. JD looked at Rose when they took a breath "my sister? You don't need to you know." JD said gazing into her eyes. JD kissed her again not waiting on an answer this time working his way down her neck and back up to her ear. He wondered how much he could excite her. Something he has never tried or thought of with anyone else before.

Kaylee was giving back to Conner as much as he was to her. Her heart was racing, her mind also going places it hadn't before. When he went for her neck she easily gave it to him. This all felt right to her. Ross went to say something but lost her thought with the kiss and then gave easily into JD kissing her neck and up to her ear. She felt like she was tingling and melting all at once. Every kiss she returned with no hesitation. She loved being here with JD at this moment.

JD played back some letting Rose relax He supported her body as they kissed. JD felt so different and gave in to Rose's every whim. JD felt hot all of this was making things change in him, with him. JD had to relax some. he kept telling himself or he was afraid things might get out of control. But was that a bad thing? This type of thing was a kind of intense passion that was new to him. JD was not sure how to handle it. JD wants to kiss her body more the feel of her soft skin her fragrances have become too much for JD. Conner looked for what gave Kaylee the most pleasure as they kissed. Conner was giving in to whatever Kaylee was wanting. Conner had always played with the girls never truly trying to win them over it just happed to Conner. New something was different Conner really wanted to make Kaylee happy. his had slid down her back onto her butt and he gently pulled her in closer. Kaylee'smuscular muscular tight body just excided Conner, even more, he had the urge to explore all of it.

The carts started moving slowly in a round movement. It would have been difficult not to notice. Kaylee had noticed before they were ever got on the ride it seemed to be 2 full spins then doing one where each cart got a moment at the top. Ferris wheels were known for taking their time and Kaylee was glad for that. Kaylee moved in closer to Conner. She might have sat on his lap but that wasn't allowed on the ride. She was enjoying everything they were doing together. She continued kissing him, coming up for air on occasion but then going back to kissing These feelings were new to Rose as well. She wasn't used to just being able to give in to the moment but with JD she felt just like that. Like nothing mattered right now but them together at that moment. While they certainly had limits, the kissing was something easily given into.

JD's hand started to wander some. JD's hand was coming up along her side and almost touched her breast he came up for air trying to not lose control "Ah.... wow" JD said softly and just embraced Rose. He held her tightly feeling his body next to her hers like that was overwhelming. He had to get his mind off of her and her body and on something else. The cart started to move again he almost did not feel the cart moving earlier. "I wish we could just stay hereforever forever if time were to stop I would be happy to be here forever." JD whispered. Conner on the other hand was not too worried about control but gave in to Kaylee in every way. Conner moved his hands in a way to test what Kaylee would allow at this moment still kissing her neckline and ears. he had thought of marking her as his with a hickey or known as a love bite. but they worried what others might say. "you know you have a wonderful neck." Conner said muffed still kissing her.

Kaylee wasn't that worried about going too far with Conner. She trusted him and part of that was trusting him to stop when she wanted him to though she found no reason for stopping, yet. She liked having his hands on her but if got a little bit much with where those hands where she'd let him know. Not by saying something more by gently moving his hand elsewhere on her body but so far she hadn't done that. When he mentioned her neck a smile appeared on her lips and she kissed him again.
Rose just gave into the moment, she completely trusted JD so there was no reason not to. He always seemed to know what to say and she felt the same way. "Me too." She quietly said.
The carts made their second rotation and then started on a more stop and go path allowing each cart some time at the top of the wheel.

Conner quickly learned Kaylee's boundaries and did not push them. It was nice how that did not have to say a thing It was like they could read each other's minds. He thought now he might have a relationship that might last longer than six months. he was not thinking of marriage or anything like that. Dating exclusively yes, he might even cut back on flirting with others while with Kaylee. Conner stopped to ask her "I was going to ask anyways but go to the Dance with me?" he started thinking why did he even ask that question and kissed her. At the top, JD smiled when they stopped kissing for a second. "Too bad, we missed the view," he said with a hint of sarcasm. "besides this view is more beautiful," he said romantically gazing into her eyes.

Kaylee was good with how things seemed to naturally progress with Conner. She couldn't have known what he was thinking exactly but she did think how nice it would be to make this exclusive. Kaylee thought would never push anything on him, it wasn't the way she was. When he asked about the dance, he kissed her before she got a chance to answer but when they came up for air she said. 'Of course, I'll go to the dance with you." And then kissed him again. The carts were in a stop and go mode but Rose was too into the moments spent with JD to notice. She smiled at his words and they fell into another kiss.

Conner felt the ride stop he looked up at the lady straining at Conner and Kaylee. He was not sure how long they had been kissing while the ride was stopped for them to get off. Conner look at the lady "this ride is deffenity worth it." He said with a grin trying to play it off. JD could hear conner talking he knew the ride must be over he opened one eye and looked as the ride came to a stop. "Rose I think we can pick this up later?" JD said softly to her. With a smile, JD helps Rose stand. and they exit the ride.

Kaylee looked at the women and just smiled before they got off the ride. Moving away from the ride, they moved to an area to wait for the other. She grinned at Conner, "That was fun. " Rose took JD's hand and exited the ride. They made their way over to where Conner and Kaylee were as they waited on the others. Rose had a feeling a few in the group, at least, might want to start going on rides she couldn't but she'd wait to see what the others said.

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