Lighting Up The Wheel

Blossom dropped her jaw with a smile as Carter surprised her. She had no idea he would be working today and when he popped up with balloon she found it so sweet.

Blossom: Awww that is so sweet.

Ashley: So this is Carter huh?

Ashley sized him up with a crooked smile before she addressed him.

Ashely: Nice to finally meet you Carter. Blossom seems to think well of you. Just remember to be a gentleman and don't hurt her.

Roxy: Wow Ash I thought you were going to threaten him for a second.

Ashley: I think by now its a given what will happen if a guy hurts her, right Jack.

Jack rubbed his neck as he sighed then replied.

Jack: Yeah man do what she says or you will end up as a eunuch.

Roxy: Awwwww......Jack its so cute that she has you whipped already.

Jack: Come leave me alone alr.....(mmmm)

Carter let this exchange before he spoke up, "It's nice to meet all of you. And I will always be a gentleman to Blossom. She deserves the best, after all."

His comment was just the truth in his mind and his voice reflected as much.

Roxy then stuffed a ringer full of cotton candy in Jack's mouth to shup him up as she giggled.

As they moved up the line Carter and Blossom began chatting as Ashley and Roxy continued to tease and feed Jack. They were really getting into it and enjoyed seeing Jack's red face as he was getting pitiful and jealous looks from others. He just wanted the day to end and some alone time. It was hard to deal with two female bullies now. Ironically the entertainment they provided made the wait all the more fun as they eventually moved up the line to the Ferris Wheel. Then Ashley looked at the carts as saw it only held up to four people.

Ashley: Hmmmmmm.... now that Carter is here we may need to rethink the arrangement on the ride.

Roxy: Do you think its cool to let him and Blossom ride a different cart?

Blossom: Oh come on Ashely, he has been nice.

Ashley: Are you cool with being alone with Carter "B" (B is short for Blossom)?

Blossom nodded with an innocent smile at her friend Ashley. Then they hugged as Ashley agreed to it. However she told Blossom tell her if Carter crossed any lines on the ride or later on. Blossom seemed sure of herself and Carter so they agreed to use two separate carts. When Jack realized what was going on he got nervous being trapped with Ashley and Roxy. Then before he could protest Ashely grabbed his arm and pushed him into the cart as Roxy followed her while giggling. The nerdy guy working the Ferris Wheel seemed annoyed seeing Jack with Roxy and Ashley together in the cart. It was obvious he was jealous. Then he turned the Ferris Wheel one crank to let Carter and Blossom on the next cart.

Carter got on first then offered his hand to help Blossom on.

In the cart below, Blossom and Carter seemed in good spirits as they were now alone on the Ferris Wheel cart. Blossom was glad to spend time with Carter again and this time she didn't have to be the third or forth wheel.

Blossom: So do you have anything else to do after this?

Carter shook his head, "No, I'm free the rest of the day. I kind of would like to spend it with you. If you're ok with that?"

It was up to her. He was going to leave much up to her; it was the best way, in his mind anyway. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable or push anything, even accidently.

Meanwhile on a different cart Kyle and Justin were enjoying the view from their cart on the Ferris Wheel. They were holding hands without any concern from onlookers at this point. The view was beautiful and they were happy. A few flirting words led to a bit of touching and then some very passionate kissing. Justin was so into it he was almost forgot they could be seen by others.

Kyle didn't push anything but certainly when one thing led to another he gave into the passionate kissing with just as much passion. Forgetting anything outside the moment. They came up for air and Kyle asked, "You're good with this, right? I never want you to feel uncomfortable with me." Though the kissing had been mutual, Kyle also didn't want Justin getting off the ride and suddenly regretting anything.

April and Dawn were in their own cart and they had held hands but there was something about that Ferris Wheel at that moment with many other couples kissing that they gave into their own passion and started kissing as well.

Riley and Zander were in their cart, holding hands. They noticed the other couples kissing and smiled at each other. Moving closer together they also kissed.

Sam and Heath, Courtney and Matt started the ride kissing in their respective carts barely coming up for air.

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