Day of the Dance and Hotties - revamped

The guy's dorms were busy with everyone getting ready. Most of the doors were open as people moved from room to room coordinating what they were wearing getting advice and some talking about the girls they would be with. doing this made sure no one wearing the same thing. JD and heath were doing their ritual of getting ready.

JD had not seen Rose's dress but from what he heard from others it was hot on her. His heart was already racing this was his first dance with someone he wanted to be with. JD wondered if there was a better word than love to be with. it is seen like years since JD had asked Rose to be his girlfriend to be exclusive. He had never done that before been in this type of deep relationship.

this whole school was a new experience in JD's life. He dreaded coming at first. But Rose and the others made the best thing he has had in a long time. Heath and JD were tossing things back and forth in the room getting ready things like shoe brush, lent roller, and swopping colognes to mix it up a little.

JD put his jacket on and looked at himself in the mirror. His pants and shirt Jacket looked good he thought. now he was readily grabbing the gift off his desk he walk out passing Conner's room he looked in "Conner let go we got hot girls to let not let them wait on us." said JD with a raised voice just over the music that was playing.

Conner was running a brush through his hair and looked in the mirror as he turned to look at JD. "I am ready, But just remember Kaylee is hotter than your girl" replied Conner teasing JD. Not that Conner did not think that anyways.

Conner finished up and looked at Zander. "See you there Zander got to run got a hottie waiting on me," said Conner he picked up his gift for Kaklee and walked out. The two walked down the hallway down the stairs across the commends and waited at the bottom of the stairs of the girl's doom.

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