Girls Before the Dance

Friday night had arrived and with it the dance. Most of the students opted for the dinner in the cafeteria, which turned out to be really nice.

Beforehand the girls had all gotten ready, many with the help of their roommates. Sam and Rose were no exception.

The fake pictures had turned out really well, Rose would send them in the morning. She just hoped her mother didn't find out.

Sam just told her best friend, it would be alright and if it wasn't to say Sam talked her into it. It's not what happened but Rose's parents already didn't like her roommate so it didn't matter much to Sam if they didn't like her even more.

Kaylee and Dawn's room was a buzz with chatter between the two girls. Not gossip, more talking about their dates and how fun tonight should be.

April and Riley were both excited as were all the girls. Riley helped April get ready, the older girl still having some trucks from her modeling days.

Sadie and her entourage all got ready in Sadie's and the room next to her's, another single room belonging to one of Sadie's group.

Sadie remembered the deal she had made with Joey to date long enough to go to the dance together. He technically could break up with her after tonight or change the relationship.

What had started out as just a little fun between the two, seemed to have grown into something else. She relished their time together, especially their alone time. Sadie hoped she hadn't misread him and the boy felt the same.

All ready the girls met their prospective dates for dinner.

Dinner ended and it was off to dance the night away, have fun, and not to get, into too much trouble.

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