Boys Before The Dance

Kyle was hoping that tonight he could get in one dance, at least, with Justin. Kyle had been approached by a few girls and a few guys asking about his plans for the dance. He let them all down gently.

Kyle wasn't usually very insecure, but the slowness at which Justin was approaching things was making him that way about their relationship. He understood that Justin had been hurt before but so had Kyle.

Kyle had, truthfully, explained, he had no interest in girls. Still, he often got the feeling that Justin was still concerned about losing him to a girl, which made Kyle feel like the other boy didn't believe him.

Kyle's last "relationship" the boy had acted much like Justin with not wanting to be very public or outed. The boy had been lying and only wanted to set up Kyle so he and his friends could gay bash the boy.

It had taken time to regain his confidence, but this whole thing with Justin had him questioning how much he could take. He was still willing to wait, Justin did seem worth it, and Kyle wasn't one to out someone else but he almost wished the other boy hadn't kissed him on the ferris wheel. While the kiss was wonderful, it only served to confuse the issue even more.

Zander had a plan for tonight. He had gotten a great looking outfit with help from some of the guys and felt very ready for the night.

The dance would be defining, for both him and Riley and their relationship.

Jason was only hoping for one thing from tonight, to spend time with Melissa. He would get his wish.

Heath and Matt had gotten ready and met their dates with smiles. Dinner then dancing.

It was going to be a good night, or one filled with drama, with teens one never knew.

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