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Official Ongoing Worlds TF2 Server Coming Soon!

OWPromo2 Hey guys! Tib here. I was a little busy today preparing something new for us OW members. Today, the official Ongoing Worlds Private Team Fortress 2 server took it’s baby steps today! Now the server is “made” but it is not finished. The features of the server include the default TF2 game modes such as Control Points, Attack/Defend, Payload, and Capture the Flag. A circulation of the popular TF2 maps such as Dustbowl, Steel, Hoodoo, Thunder Mountain, and DeGroot Keep. Read More


February Off-Site Game *CLOSED*

Hello everyone!

I’m please to announce the inception of the all-new monthly off-site game summary! This is a special game summary for non-Ongoing Worlds games so that off-site GM’s can showcase their work here on the blog! This works in the same fashion as the Ongoing Worlds summary. You fill out the form and submit a summary around 100 words in length, submissions that ignore this will not be accepted. The deadline is February 27th. Read More


New Chat Box Rules *Updated!*

Hey guys! Tib here but not for a Tib’s Corner, that’ll be coming soon. This is about our new chat box and some rules. I recently have been emailing back and forth with Dave on some ways to make the chat a little more secure and we thought it’d be a good idea just to publish some rules. So if you are an OW user who uses chat alot, it’s very important that you read this. It also contains some other helpful things with the cbox, so let’s start! Read More


Tib’s Corner – Interview with Elena Vasilescu, Creator of “Before The Mast” #BeforeTheMast

pirate__1221836287_8352Yo ho ho Ongoing Worlds! Tib here with a special interview! Note that this one is actually TC’s first out of site interview. This week I interviewed Elena Vasilescu, creator of the notable RP game, Before The Mast. The game, Before The Mast is an 18th century naval themed play by post forum game opened on August 6th, 2010. The game has been running for more the two years, and just like us the players in the game have just entered their New Year. So let’s get this interview started and delve into the world of swashbuckling shall we? Read More


OngoingWorlds wins excellence in innovation award

2013-12-20-12.20.55Yes that’s a photo of me with the award that OngoingWorlds has won this year, awarded to us by Obsidian Portal, who announced it at their panel at Gencon earlier this year.

Obviously the folk at Obsidian Portal recognise what a great website OngoingWorlds is, and I’m so very pleased that all the hard work I’ve put in has got an award. But tbh the best thing about OngoingWorlds are you the members who’ve put in so much effort into writing excellent stories in your roleplaying games! Read More


Official Ongoing Worlds Skype Group

Hey All! Tibby here once again but not for a Tib’s Corner post but to announce the official Ongoing Worlds Skype Group! If you don’t know what skype is [because you live under a rock.] It’s a free contact service that does video, voice, and sms communication. Read More


Game Lacking Members? Sign up quickly!

Hello everyone! As you know I’m preparing an article featuring games that are lacking in members. The response hasn’t been all that great, and the deadline is still pretty far off. So I’m going to be moving the deadline to the 20th, this Wednesday. Read More