Pilate poppin' plan.

“Where’s the smeggin’ shower?” He demanded of Herbie, who appeared to be equally astonished and disturbed.
“Uh… Uh…” The surfer guy pointed vaguely into the ship.
Alex pushed his way through the throng of disgusting, disgusted, Dwarfers and made his way into the craft. He purposely trod on the unconscious man’s stomach on his way past.
“That’s for making me shit myself in front of women.”
<end snip>
Jay, who was more disgusted at the sight of his wife losing control of her bodily functions than his own (the sick stick was nothing compared to the stuff he and Phil used to order from the Promenade’s kebab shops) crouched next to the man who now displayed Alex’s sandy footprint on his chest.
He removed his helmet.
“Cassius…” he said
“you know him?” Plisken replied
“Yeah…you could say that. He’s one of the guys who nailed me to the cross…”
“So what’s his story?” Jade asked.
“He’s from this time period, just your everday Roman Legionnaire…Pontius Pilate brought a bunch of future weapons back with him. It’s how the Roman Empire managed to expand to such an extent, and why they were so far ahead the rest of the Western world in terms of technology. To thank him for the tech, Emperor Tiberius made him Prefect of Judea…that’s what brought me here all those centuries ago…”
“So when you said we should attack at night, this is why?” Evelina asked
“Partly. Pilate’s tough, I mean, real tough. I couldn’t beat him. I’m not sure an entire squad of Enforcers could have either, so we need to take him by surprise. But it’s not just him, if we alert the guards, we’ve got to fight an entire army equipped with plasma swords, bolt launchers and forcefields. There as well equipped as some Space Corp regiments in our time…but they don’t know how to use them properly, which if anything makes them more dangerous…”
“So how the smeg can we hope to beat him?”
“We lure him here…he’s going to be the only one in all of Jerusalem who knows how to operate a starship…if he learns of it, he’ll want to come out here himself to salvage it andwith only a few guards, far less than we’d face at his palace…”
“Then what?” asked Jamie.
“…that…we’ll work out when he gets here…see what weapons and equipment you can salvage…”


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