More weapons then farts in a bake bean factory

"Our main problem is that before Tara died, she infected a load of the automated systems down there; so almost everything is going to want to kill us" she paused and looked between the last humans left in the universe "I've a few ideas, but let's hear yours first..."

<end snip>

"I have one", Phil piped up. The horns on his head had almsot reagressed back to normal and his skin now resembled a bright sun burn rather then the skin of one from the pits of hell.Howver he had the mother of all hangover and was feeling a little...twitchy.

"Yes what is it Phil?" Jay asked.

"Well i've been dieing to try out the weapons i picked up from my excursion before i ended up here..but...."

All those who knew Phil of old dreaded what he was about to say next, the newcomers had no idea what was coming.

"But...they are...well lets just say I picked them from the Archivers so they are are powerful, but unstable.."

WW rasied a paw, the fur on his head having almost grown back from Phil's attempt and shaving the hamster.

"In what way..unstable?"

"Thats the problem....Just unstable and chaotic. They are incredibly configurable and be switched into any weapon the user desires. Sadly though that makes the molecular structure unstable and the weapons have a nasty tendancy to turn into..well...anything...and i mean...anything....."

"Can you stop talking in pauses please, it hurts my head listining to you sometimes" Jaxx said

"Well, it's entirely up to you, I'm gonna use them. MP has them here."

"Where where they stored?" Artmeis asked, detecting a reconisble odor to the small cylinders MP held as he handed one to Phil.

"In the time fridge...yeah i know unstable weapons in an already unstable time device yadda yadda I dont care. Now stand back for a demostration"

"You don't have to speak the weapon configuartion you want, just think it, but i find speaking helps to get the right weapon" Phil grasped the small clyinder and spoke "Broadsword". With a noise best described as {snickt} the weapon disolved into a small mass of floating matter and quickely reformed into a broadsword. "Chainsaw" he continued and the weapon once again disolved into a matter cloud and reformed into a revving chainsaw. "Blaster Rifle" again the {snikt} sound and the rather impressive rifle with large barrel appeared in Phil's hand.

"Compensating are we?" someone asked

Although he would never admit it,Phil could see a few eyes light up at the thought of these new toys. This was the prefect time to show them the downside.

"Just be careful, whatever you do, dont' think about the weapon turning into anything you don't want it to, like a snake...ohshitohbugger..."

The boa cosntrictor that suddenly appeared in Phil's hand decided it was hungry and tried to strangle Phil, the sight of this in turn causing MP to fall on the fall laughing.

A few sconds later Phil managed to think and vocalise the off command, and the weapon returned to it's rather plain grey cylinder form

"so.." he asked in a rather a choked up and croaky voice "..who wants one?>


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