Mimir at last turned away from the sea as he was beckoned by Balar.
A possible moment of merriment would be a nice thing to have.
Nearing the fire, he was sure to correct his friend.
“It is Mimir now Balar, I would prefer that Kespin be .... left in the past.”
Noticing the jotuns absence, he looked to see his form still secluded from the others. Best to leave him be for now.
This was easy when Dim threw his stash onto the small blaze, the nefariously sweet smoke sending him quickly into the familiar trance.
Dyvia moved away from the blaze, visibly uncomfortable with the idea with drug induced dreams.
She did not want to go back there... ever. Instead she made her way to Olin and Varan.
“Don’t think we have been introduced. Dyvia.”
She offered a hand to the intimidating half elf.
Theo had squeezed by Mimir as he followed him to the fire. Whatever conversation they had was left between them, though Theo looked calmer.
After everything that had happened, he happily breathed in the smoke in order to have a little enjoyment.

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