Dim prepares the dreamroot

"Har har! Dream time!" Dim exclaimed enthusiastically. He carefully peeled off the bark, showing surprising delicacy and handy use of his rough fingernails. The bright purple flesh underneath seemed to shine with a light of its own. "Don't know where Dim found this," he spoke as he worked. "Found when checking pockets. Is good root! Come here!"

He held up the finished product. The root was about 4 inches long and tapered from the thickness of a thumb to a point. Now entirely freed of its bark, its purple glow was brighter, and a faint sparkle surrounded it. Its glimmer reflected in the dwarf's eyes.

Then he tossed it into the fire. The flames immediately turned lilac, its erratic glow transforming from the comforting warm yellow to a mysterious, entrancing purple. Thick clouds of smoke erupted from the flames, filled with glimmer and sparkle, and on the faint breeze it drifted into Dim's face.

"Breathe of the smoke," he said, his voice flat and entranced. His eyes glazed over, his mouth went slack, and he spoke no more as the dreams began to take hold.

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