Dinner Complications

Mimir was perplexed by Luna’s sudden determination, standing to address the driven elf.
“Luna, I do believe it in the best interest of our party that we accept the full breadth of the hospitality being shown. Not only have we literally been through Hel and back, but our single night of rest on the shore is not adequate to prepare us for the remainder of our journey.”
Remaining in his seat, Erik chimed in to agree with the elder.
“Not to mention Fenrir is probably waiting for us.”
Theo decided to take Luna’s side, seeing the appeal in getting this “quest” finished as soon as possible.
“And yet staying here would give the Wolf more time to prepare. I can’t help but remember the last time we were besieged by his forces.”
He ended this statement with raised eyebrow towards the jotun, who held his eye with a stone faced glare.

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