Erik had finally to his feet when the necromancer declared his plan. Seeing Jorrik so willing to comply made him forever honored in his mind.
"May you find peace in death warrior, you have certainly gained your honor."
Downing the vial, he felt a chill akin to the darkness within, then passed through the portal.
Kespin stood beside Cali, his jovial face hinting that he didn't quite understand the moment.
"Save a room for when I get back, we will see if you are a witch of your word."
Throwing the potion back like a hearty brew, he giggled at the sensation.
Dyvia was cautious with the idea, but was resigned to her fate at this point. Silently walking towards the portal, she looked at Jorrik and punched him gently.
"Din't know ya too long, but you're alright."
Taking her vial, she glared at the Araghol until he was out of sight.

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