I'll see you in Hel!

Cali had her hand cradled around the side of Jorrik’s head in a private nestle, stroking his ear as she tried to convey with her eyes how sorry she was not to have had the time to get to know the rest of him. She did not enjoy killing anyone as big and powerful as he, even those who were destined to die. But she strongly believed the agonizing voice of a thousand dead in her ear and mind every moment of her life would drive her insane so she was committed to the path they’d started down. Killing the Queen of Hel was no small burden made all the more impossible when you stopped to consider she was a goddess as well.

Then the elf child was shooting her mouth off to the Queen of Hel’s favored Necromancer. Cali lifted her eyes to the Necromancer, leery of him to begin with, but sure now that she’d seen him sabotaging the spell. And then Luna had the confidence or nativity to collect one of the potions, say her goodbyes to Jorrik and hop through the newly formed portal created by her enemy.

These were powerful magics being worked; literally manipulating the boundaries between the living and the dead. Surely none other in their small group would follow so blindly.

<Miles walked towards the portal, stood in front of it, turned around, and trust fell. Waving to the others as he went through the portal.>

“Fucking idiots,” Cali cursed after those two who had jumped carelessly through the portal. She could spare no more time. She collected a handful of the black potions, urging Balar to do the same with the rest of the vials, and passed them around. “It will taste like death and blight so try and get it all the way down your throat without touching the tongue. Choke and gag if you must, but spit it out at the cost of your life.” Despite the urgency of their situation Cali took the time to find Kespin and give him an impish wink, tapping the side of her cheek in a vulgar expression.

“Right, that should help get the blood flowing and you’ll need it. Nifelheim is a frigid place, we should be lucky if the Elf and Pea-pouched human aren’t already dead and frozen by the time we arrive. Kespin, take these vials with you; insist that those two muttonheads drink it.”

<Kespin stood beside Cali, his jovial face hinting that he didn't quite understand the moment. "Save a room for when I get back, we will see if you are a witch of your word." Throwing the potion back like a hearty brew, he giggled at the sensation.>

<Dyvia was cautious with the idea, but was resigned to her fate at this point. Silently walking towards the portal, she looked at Jorrik and punched him gently. "Din't know ya too long, but you're alright." Taking her vial, she glared at the Araghol until he was out of sight.>

Cali spun around on Araghol and pointed an accusing finger. “You treacherous bastard; did you think I would not notice?!” She kept her eyes on the Necromancer and slid her own blade from it’s treacherous place among her headdress. “He alters the spell, seeks to trap us long before our hour has run its course.”

<"Time to turn the tables on our new friend." he said with a grin as he dropped to his knees and closed his eyes.>

“I’ll see you on the other side my Dulcet Champion.” The Witch gave him a quick pat on the cheek and pulled him towards her body as she drove the blade from behind through the base of Jorrik’s skull. It sliced cleanly through the greater occipital nerve, severed the arteries on its path through the second and third vertebrae of the cervical spine and out his throat where it stabbed into her own abdomen, though not deeply. She’d paralyzed him, set his brain to a peaceful dormancy and pierced his throat. As she pulled the blade free the heavy man fell to the floor, dead or seconds from it. She looked up at the Necromancer as she held a hand to her stomach.

“Balar, take his body with us. All of you! Through the portal.” Cali looked about for the giant who bore Jorrik’s sword, but he was already gone. Good, they would need that sword or this was all a waste.

Cali was the last one through, watching Araghol for signs of further treachery. “You thought to use your own blade, your own blood. What kind of fool do you take me for? I’ll see you in Hel!” She turned back and stepped through behind the others.

OOC: I’m sure I screwed up the intended order of events somehow. I promise I tried to get it right, but Cali is impossible.

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