Sinister Motives

Thomas watched Jocelyn take out the pills and take them. With his mother being a doctor he wondered what she was taking and why. He would try to talk to her later, if she would let him. He wasn't going to embarrass her. His sperm donor had tried to get him placed on Ritalin because he heard it made you study better. He was getting A's in his college classes and C's in his other classes. He didn't get that Thomas was BORED with the classes he was forced to take. He rarely ever took the Ritalin, because it made him too focused. He had a hard enough time trying to keep his mind off things that bounced, jiggled, and giggled or the bullies who like to drop him in the big rectangular trash cans. The round ones tipped easy while the rectangular ones were much harder. He did not want to be a rat or cry wolf, both would be high school suicide so he suffered in silence. His mother would have said this is an open secret, one everyone knows and doesn't do anything about.

He smiled at everyone as he added three packages of hot sauce to his first burrito and rerolled it.

Meanwhile as JD, Rose, Ashley, Thomas and the others were making small talk about shopping for swimsuits together, Olivia Carpenter was in a foul mood as she was in a separate room forced to eat a green salad with avocado, pecans, olive oil, and protein like fish as she was watching education videos by her tutor who was enjoying the same food. Olivia was truly hating life right now. her mother still controlling her life as usual. Her only saving grace was that she roped Jack into being her junk food mule. Sadly he could only bring so much at a time since it attracted attention and she had limited hiding space in case of a surprise visit. As a model, actress and student he had no time for a social life so her mother paid for her "friends" on top of her meals and lifestyle. Naturally this was suffocating poor Olivia, which is why she would go on junk food binges.

Due to the stress of her mother, Olivia was run out of junk food soon so she tested Jack to have another bag ready soon. She paid him a lot of money in advanced and was hoping he would not betray her since he was in need of her money and she was in need of her favorite junk foods. It was a strange arrangement since they would normally never talk to each other. However she needed him to keep her sanity till she graduated from high school and her mother's grip.


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