6 Degrees Of Seperation

After lunch Ashley nudged Jack to walk her to class. She held his hand firmly to keep him from escaping as Blossom walked on the other side of her since they were going to the same class. Jack was in a grumpy mood since Ashley was keeping him on a short leash. He was worried he was going to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, which is a psychological response that occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. Jack was realizing he was becoming attracted to Ashley a little bit more each day and at this rate she was going to break him before summer break. He needed to create some space so he could loosen her grip on him figuratively and physically since her grip felt like a vice.

Chemistry was Dawn's next class. She wished she had more classes with her brother but Zander was taking Physics and she wasn't going to attempt that. Classes like this were interesting as she was certain she'd have it with a good mix of students.

The room was set up with tables, instead of desks, as it was a lab. The tables had room on them for notebooks and such and then an area with various tubes and some equipment. There was enough room at each table for two students. Unlike some science classes, this was, apparently, going to be hands on rather than all labs though the computer.

She wasn't the first student there; there were two blonde girls sitting at table. She recognized one from music class but not a performer so must be an art student. Being Dawn had spent all of her time at lunch at the nerd table, talking with Zander, she had yet to really meet anyone else.

Dawn took the seat in front of the two blonde girls and turned to say hi to them. They returned the hello and introduced themselves. Rose and Sam. The three girls talked for a moment.

More people came in and she spotted one girl who didn't look like she already had a partner. Dawn got her attention as she walked close to the table Dawn was sitting at. "Hey, do you need a lab partner?"

Several more students came in before Ashley, Jack and Blossom did. Jack sighed as he was going to have to sit with Ashley again. he was already dreading it. Ironically the teacher Bill Myson was right behind him and Ashley so he saw them holding hands. He shook his head side to side since he was not a fan of romance in the classroom. Mr. Myson as already planning to change up the seating order.

Kyle was looking forward to the beach party but had to get through chemistry at the moment. When he walked in he noticed Dawn from music class who had a partner sitting with her.

Rose and Sam were, of course, lab partners. So, he said hello to everyone he knew and then took a seat at an empty table near them. He watched as people came in and quickly paired up; obviously, they already knew each other. It didn't take long though before he found a student who needed a partner.

He went up to the student and asked. "Hey, do you need a lab partner?"

Ashley pulled Jack to an empty table to keep him close by since he was being mopey. Blossom was a bit shy as she looked around for a lab partner. Since she didn't know everyone she was at a loss for words. Seeing an opportunity to separate Ashley and Jack, Mr. Myson spoke up to Blossom and found she needed a partner. Then he pretended to look around and pointed at Jack before he told him to move down to the next table with Olivia so Blossom could sit with Ashley. Ashley dropped her jaw as she was not ready for this move and wanted to speak up, but held her tongue to avoid hurting Blossom's feelings.

Jack was torn between his two female bullies since he left one to sit with the other. He felt very unlucky. Olivia had a smarmy grin on her face as Jack approached her with his head down. Olivia could see the expression of annoyance on Ashley's face as she was separated from her boyfriend. Blossom was worried till Ashley told her it was okay and they were still okay. Both Ashley and Olivia exchanged glances as they sized each other up. Jack could cut the tension with a knife as he was unlucky enough to be between them. Then Justin showed up and was seated with the stoner skater named Travis. Jack looked at Justin for help only to get a "Sorry man" expression. This was going to be a long and painful year if things stayed like this. Poor Jack knew he was going to get an earful after class from Ashley. Hoping to avoid eye contact he pulled out his pencil and notebook.


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