Making Plans

Kyle caught a glance from Justin and smiled at him. "So, I guess it's not a complete first day back at any high school without some drama."

Justin smirked as he nodded and sipped his drink.

Justin: I have yet to see a school that lacks drama. If anything I think a place like this will have more than the usual. So are you in the loop about the beach party?

Kyle nodded. "True. Yes, I'm sort of in the loop. I'll be bringing my guitar and think I promised to teach a few people how to surf. Do you have plans for the party?"

Courtney bit her lip a little and took a sip of her drink; then asked the table in general. "So, what y'all got planned for after dinner?"

"I know what I will be doing waiting for JD then deal with him for not inviting me to go out with him." Conner said jokingly. "Heath, want to help with JD?" he laughs. "I will go to the Rec Room and hang out Probably," said Conner finishing his drink.

He listens as the others talked he felt bad for jack sometimes but Ashly was a hotty he could do worse.

Ashley: Well other than some homework, I was hoping to talk to Rose and Sam about the swimsuit shopping trip we are planning.

Heath slightly laughed at Conner's words. "Sure. Actually, the rec room sounds like an idea."

When Courtney heard mention of the rec room and Ashley speak about wanting to talk to Rose and Sam she spoke up. "Hey, Heath why don't you invite Sam and Rose to the rec room?" Then turned to Ashley and Blossom. "If you two are going to go to that maybe they'll show up and you can talk to them then."

Shopping trips, for clothing, weren't really Courtney's things though part of her would have liked a few more female friends most didn't understand her or have much in common with her.

Heath nodded. "I'll text Sam, after dinner."

Kyle spoke to Justin. "So, how about you? You planning on going to the rec center, as well?"

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