Grils & Swim Suits

Courtney bit her lip a little and took a sip of her drink; then asked the table in general. "So, what y'all got planned for after dinner?"

"I know what I will be doing waiting for JD then deal with him for not inviting me to go out with him." Conner said jokingly. "Heath, want to help with JD?" he laughs. "I will go to the Rec Room and hang out Probably," said Conner finishing his drink.

He listens as the others talked he felt bad for jack sometimes but Ashly was a hotty he could do worse.

Ashley: Well other than some homework, I was hoping to talk to Rose and Sam about the swimsuit shopping trip we are planning.

Blossom: Oh yeah.

Ashley: It's Blossom's first time at a beach so we are shopping with her.

Blossom blushed as she was in the spotlight again.

Justin: Sadly it's a girls only thing, so sorry guys.

Ashley: Well as much as I would love to have Jack's opinion on the matter, the school is rather strict on that topic.

Jack looked down since he was hoping to avoid speaking on that topic since he knew Ashley was going to tease him as it was. it was obvious they were a cute couple and that Ashley wore the pants in the relationship. Some might even question why she was interested in him.

Ashley: So what plans did you have in mind?

Conner got a devilish smile "If you need help with swimwear I am always available to help. you could just send pitchers if we can't be there." He said.

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