Back At Cha

Ashley smiled and nodded as she covered her mouth and swallowed her food politely.

Ashley: Why yes we are. I'm Ashley and this is Blossom. She is our new adorable flyer.

Blossom blushed and tried not to choke on the compliment. Though it was nice to have Ashley stick up for her.

Blossom: I'm Blossom, like a flower? I'm from Map Dot, Montana.

Ashley: But were are on the Freshmen squad so we have a lot to learn. And you are?

"Courtney. Let me guess it's literally a Dot on the Map, kind of town. I'm from one of those. Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Round about 500 people and I reckon, at least, 1/3 are related to me." She smiled.

Jocelyn shrugged "Not likely anyone's ever heard of it. but Cottonwood Falls." she said taking a bit of her burger. "Not many people there, but mom and I moved out here a bit after the summer started," she said. "So not my home anymore, good riddance I say."

"Small towns tend to..what's the word to put it nicely. Well religion. Doesn't help." she trailed off. "I don't want to talk about it."

"That's cool, you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. Besides Politics and religion in a big group always makes trouble," said Conner to Jocelyn. "I was born and raised in this area. I could not imagine living in a small town. You are here now. So, what do you think?" asked Conner.

Courtney heard Jocelyn say she was also from a big town and about the religion and was about to say something but Conner spoke up and she decided against it. "Well, you're in good company with us girls from small towns." She paused and leaned into Jocelyn. "Don't worry. We are far from the bible belt here. People are pretty cool 'bout things."

Blossom nibbled on a fry as she listened to Courtney and Jocelyn talk. Granted she could relate to Courtney as a fellow country girl, but Jocelyn seemed to be from a different world. Her speech and mannerism was very different for her, even compared to Ashley and Jack. Even Justin was easy to understand and get along with since he was like the white knight in her bedtime stories.

Blossom: Good to know.

Ashley: Don't sweat it Blossom. I traveled to a lot of places because of my daddy's job and whether they are big or small they all have a charm about them.

Blossom: Thanks Ashley.

Ashley nudged the shy Jack a bit.

Ashley: You okay Jack?

Jack: Yeah.....Just hungry.

Ashley: Okay.

Ashley leaned over and kissed him on the cheek to mark her territory as well as remind Jack that she really cared. Jack quietly ate his food and didn't resist since it would only get worse if he did. He figured the less he said the better off he was so he used his hunger as an excuse to not socialize.

Kyle caught a glance from Justin and smiled at him. "So, I guess it's not a complete first day back at any high school without some drama."

Justin smirked as he nodded and sipped his drink.

Justin: I have yet to see a school that lacks drama. If anything I think a place like this will have more than the usual. So are you in the loop about the beach party?

Heath just sat back without saying much else his mind wandered elsewhere for a moment. Before Courtney ribbed him. "So, you OK? Ya seem quiet."

"Yeah. I'm fine." Heath smiled at her.

Courtney bit her lip a little and took a sip of her drink; then asked the table in general. "So, what y'all got planned for after dinner?"

Ashley: Well other than some homework, I was hoping to talk to Rose and Sam about the swimsuit shopping trip we are planning.

Blossom: Oh yeah.

Ashley: It's Blossom's first time at a beach so we are shopping with her.

Blossom blushed as she was in the spot light again.

Justin: Sadly its a girls only thing, so sorry guys.

Ashley: Well as much as I would love to have Jack's opinion on the matter, the school is rather strict on that topic.

Jack looked down since he was hoping to avoid speaking on that topic, since he knew Ashley was going to tease him as it was. it was obvious they were a cute couple and that Ashley wore the pants in the relationship. Some might even question why she was interested in him.

Ashley: So what plans did you have in mind?


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