Tagging along and not so much

Jocelyn looked at the group. "Sure I'll go. Just let me know when you are leaving and I'll be ready." she told them. "I'm going to go now though." Jocelyn said, getting up to leave. "Was nice talking to everyone. See you all tomorrow." she said as she stood from the table to leave.


Sunday only shrugged, "Sure you don't mean that right now, but that's the goal of flirting." she paused. "I don't know about the beach, I burn easy." Obviously she would, "And I don't see why I would go when I already have a swim suit." Sunday added. "Seems like a waste of a day." she added.

"See me later tonight?" she asked. "I don't know. I don't know that I'll leave my room again once I go back."

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