(Day 5 - Saturday- set build Beach party)

Blossom was a bit shocked as Conner helped her out before she could speak up. She was not planning to ask for help but received it anyway. As she looked at Conner she wondered if he was just being a nice guy or was he flirting with her. Since she was new to being with city boys and dating she didn’t know where she stood with him.
Blossom: Thank you ummm...... Conner right? Umm that way. We are decorating that thing over there.
Blossom was trying to make a simple conversation but was not sure what to talk about. So she said the first thing she thought of.
Blossom: So where did you learn to dance?

Conner: Well, Humm... TV, friends, choir, and other Grils. Tonight JD and I might show off more. If the ground was not sandy I would try two-step I learned it this summer and a few line dances. But I don't think I am good at it. I liked dancing with you it was fun and you are cute. You will learn how to dance here as well. I am sure Ashley could show you more than me.
He placed the boxes on the ground
Buy the way can you two-step in the sand?


Rose gave JD a smile at his compliment but it faded when he mentioned Lance. "Yes, I suppose. It was, kind of, weird." She glanced over and saw Lance and Elena talking and then turned her attention back towards JD. "First he acted like he was doing me a favor by talking to me. Then he tried to act all nice and invited me to hang out with his group; the elite group with Sam. Then he made some mean comments about the scholarship kids. I told him I wouldn't hang with them without you and Sam wouldn't without Heath and told him he couldn't talk about my friends like that. " She sighed. "I don't even think he understands why it's a problem he said those things. " She glanced over to Lance and Elena, again. "I don't know. Would it be weird if I said I think he's up to something or maybe he and Elena are?" She didn't want to seem paranoid but that encounter with Lance just seemed strange.

JD looked over at Lance and Elena too. "It is Elena she is always up to something. Buy the way, Full discloser I want you to know if you did not already Elena is one of my X girlfriends from a long time ago. She is a military brat like me are dads worked together for years. I don't trust her or what she could be up to. Just question everything they say it is what's safe." JD said with a big crafty smile. He looks back at Lance his smile disappears. "If Lance gives you a hard time let me know I will deal with him," said JD looking back a Rose.


Elena looked at lance with a seductive smile. "Are you afraid of me Lance?" she asked. "I feel as if you are holding back you don't want to commit to us to me," she said concerned. He looked down at her and smiled "No, should I be?" he replied. she shook her head no. "Just you don't let us be more effection it in public. Look at Ash and Jack they don't hide their feelings," she said smiling up at him. Lance sighed "I see" he kissed her. " Don't worry too much I just don't want to make trouble with the chaperons. Just wait for tonight when they can not see us as much we can make up for loss time then. ok?" he replied.

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