On the beach Lance and Elena

(Day 5 - Saturday- Showtime Beach party)

Lance watched JD as he singed he grew a little angry he would make all the guys in the crowd look bad. He thought of JD as such a showoff. Elena looked at lace as Rose got the flowers then just shook her head. She gripped his arm titer and reached up gave him a kiss. She whispered into his ear. "Flowers are not everything as she looks at the neckless he had bought her nothing too expensive but nothing cheap either. "I bet that's all he could afford," she said to Lance. She leand some looking at Doug "Have you got anything for Mellissa yet?

She watched him carefully not hiding that fat either. She knew this would bug him some but she would not stand it if he tried to hit another girl at the school. She had been watching Doug closely since that day. He did not even respond to Elena. He seemed more interested in what was going on the stage.

Elena and Lance look at one other when JD did the flip off the bar. Elena started to say something then stopped. Lance growled as people charred and clapped for JD and the others on stage. "What He thinks he is the best on stage? what a losser." he says booing. Elena pulls on his arm some "dont, they will look at you bad." says Elena. Lance looked at her and just gave out a sigh "ya, ya" he smiled put his fist in the air with no enthusiasm. "yah" he mumbled.

Lance looked at Doug as Mellissa started to sing "hay Doug, she is good." Elena looked over for Doug's reaction as Mel kept performing with Conner. Lance smiled at Doug "your girl is becoming popular" he commented as she finished her first song starting on her second. Elena clapped loudly for her. after the second song "hay Doug" said Lance. "looks like Conner might be getting closer to Mel. You might be careful and give Mel something nice to ceep her close." Lance said half-joking.

Lance and Elena just moved to the fantastic music. Lance was impressed with the show as a whole and like most of the music, He wondered if he would have to step up his game and learn to sing or something. Would his reputation as a football player and team leader. He would just have to see as the year went on. The Scholarship kids were going to be a challenge this year.

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