The Group On The Blankets

(Beach Trip Bonfire Saturday Night around 9 PM)

Matt had noticed Courtney and Riley walking around and then a group of girls gathering a little ways down the beach. He spotted Blossom, Dawn and April there though his sister appeared to be missing from the group. He then spotted Heath, Sam, Ashley and Jack on the blankets and Kaylee was missing from there as well. He knew his sister could take care of herself and he wasn’t one for being the overprotective older brother but he still had a big brother instinct to see if he spotted her. He did. She was talking to the skaters, by their arm movements and such they seemed to be discussing tricks. He knew some of the skaters but not all of them.

He decided to make his way to the group on the blankets when Zander came over to him. “He’,” which was the French equivalent of hey. “How/s it going?”

“Pretty good.” Zander’s head followed the path that landed on the single girls in the large group. “What is going on over there?”

“The SLC,” Matt answered. “Every large school gathering, like this, beach trips, camping trips, ski trips, whatever the SLC happens. The Single Ladies Club. Basically, the single girls just get together and hang out for a few hours. I don’t know much more than that other than it’s an unofficial tradition at the school.” The boy realized the nerds didn’t seem to be around. “Where’s the rest of the ...your group.”

Zander couldn’t help but laugh slightly at Matt’s attempt to not use the term so he wouldn’t offend him. “You can say the nerds. There is pride in that term. As long as it’s not said in a mean way it’s fine. Heck, we call ourselves nerds”

Matt smiled. “Ok, then where are the nerds?”

“They are playing D&D, again. I mean I do love D&D but we’re at the beach and I wanted to spend time hanging out on the beach. So, I gave it a pass and thought maybe I could find someone else to hang out with.” Zander said. “The problem is the other people I normally hang out with are Dawn and April and they are over there.” Nodding towards the SLC.

“That’s not true. You hang with us.” Matt said, pointing to the group on the blanket. “You can if you want to. I mean your Conner’s roommate and he seems to be cool with you and your Dawn’s brother who is a part of our group as well. You have hung out with us before so you're in. Not like we're exclusive or anything.” Slightly joking with the last part.

“You sure?” Zander was pretty certain it would be fine as every in that group had been nice to him but he was just making sure.

“Yup.” Matt said.

The two boys walked over to the group on the blanket and stood there for a moment when Sam smiled “You two joining us or what?”

Matt and Zander sat down.

It wasn’t too much longer when Kyle and Justin appeared from the path area and started walking towards the group on the blankets. Kyle heard laughter from one direction and looked over to see a group of girls all together but he didn’t think much about it. He heard someone else coming out of the path to their right and saw JD and Rose looking rather happy and he winked at Justin before the two went over to join the group on the blankets. As they sat down Kyle noticed Sam noticing Rose.

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