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(Day 5 - Saturday- Bondfire Beach party)

Conner stared into the bonfire. The girls he wanted to talk to had run off for some girl time The guy sat around the bonfire looking and talking about some of the girls. Conner had seen JD and Rose walk away down a path. He was sitting doing nothing for the first time this weekend. He wondered about JD and Rose he did wonder if she was turning him down. So was JD coming back holding hands with Rose or would there be tears in his eyes? He had seen little emotion from JD all summer. He was not one to show much but Conner had been working on that with him.

Conner looked over and saw Matt, Heath Sam, Heath, Ashley, Jack, and others sitting. He downed the last of his coke then crushed the Coke can in his hand tossing it into the fire. He looked at the group as he walks up "Hay guys" he said as he sat. He thought about what he was going to do. He had a dilemma Blossom or Kaylee. He wanted to choose this weekend but realized that was not going to happen if he wanted to be fair to both girls. He would have just to make time for both until he had made a choice or they made one for him. He was not used to chasing girls. Most of the time they came to him for some reason he could not figure out. He sat with the others talking and joking and having a good time.

Matt and Zander sat down.
It wasn’t too much longer when Kyle and Justin appeared from the path area and started walking towards the group on the blankets. Kyle heard laughter from one direction and looked over to see a group of girls all together but he didn’t think much about it. He heard someone else coming out of the path to their right and saw JD and Rose looking rather happy and he winked at Justin before the two went over to join the group on the blankets. As they sat down Kyle noticed Sam noticing Rose.

Conner looked over and spotted JD and Rose coming back from the trail. He smiled to himself. Conner stands to his feet brushing off some of the sand. "Hay guys be right back," he says to the group. He started to walk up to them they were holding hands JD had a smile on his face like a kid that just got caught doing something his face turned red some. He walked up "Rose and JD" he said with a smile. "Hay Rose, need to barow JD from you if that ok?" he asked nicely.

He took JD to the side He put his arm around JD's neck and pulled him onto a huddle. Conner smiled "So, you snagged one of the top girls in the school officially?" Conner quietly asked with a grin. JD's face had no emotion in it saying nothing making Conner frustrated by not answering at first, Conner thought JD had been shot down or maybe back off from a relationship with Rose. JD let out a sigh "I bet you would like to know You can't wait for I and Rose will say something soon" JD replied. Conner replied, "I thought I was your best friend you cant tell me?". JD got a smirk on his face "like you did not know already" said JD. Conner laughed some "I thought but no one could be sure." said Conner. JD looked around "it is official I just asked her not too long ago and she said yes.

Conner wondered if JD could fit into her world. Conner did not know if he was in JD's shoes if he could fit in. "I am happy for you JD never saw that coming with Rose you too will make a good pair. If anyone gives you a hard time about it let me know." conner said slapping JD on the back. JD gave him a look "I can fight my own battles, but thanks Conner." said JD looking at Rose and Sam. Conner turned JD "I guess we should get back to the group I am sure You and Rose will want to tell the group." Conner said starting to walk back.

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