Telling and Guessing

(Beach Trip Saturday Night around 9 PM)

Conner looked over and spotted JD and Rose coming back from the trail. He smiled to himself. Conner stands to his feet brushing off some of the sand. "Hay guys be right back," he says to the group. He started to walk up to them they were holding hands JD had a smile on his face like a kid that just got caught doing something his face turned red some. He walked up "Rose and JD" he said with a smile. "Hay Rose, need to barow JD from you if that ok?" he asked nicely.

"Of course, besides I think I'm about to be pulled off to talk myself." Rose smiled as she nodded towards Sam headed her way.

Sam noticed Rose and JD returning and went to stand but Conner actually beat her to them. She arrived to Rose as Conner was pulling JD off to the side. And did the same for Rose so they would be out of the way of the comings and goings from the trails.

"Well?" Sam quizzed her.

"Well, what?" Rose grinned at her.

"Stop that." Sam rolled her eyes "What happened?"

"Well, I told him about Declan, all of it. He was understanding, really understanding."

Sam furrowed her brow. "How understanding?"

"I'll tell you but don't hug me or everyone will know and I'll tell you more about it later but well we're official."

"Oh, wow." Sam smiled. "Congrats. That's great. See I told you it would be fine."

"You couldn't have been more right about him." Rose smiled at her best friend. "I sometimes wonder if you have a crystal ball that you're hiding from me or something."

Sam laughed. "Nah, I can just tell these things. Now, I bet you want to tell the others."

Rose nodded. "Yes."

"Well, then lets go." Sam said.

The two walked back to the group on the blanket. Sam sat down but Rose took JD's hand. JD then said: "Hey, guys you can stop wondering about Rose and I." That seemed to get their attention. "We're officially dating,"

Matt, Zander and Heath congratulated them. Kyle also congratulated them. And Rose thanked them. He then moved his hand down near Justin's barely touching it. Anyone not paying attention might not notice it but it was just enough that some might have caught it.

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