Rose nodded. "Yes."

"Well, then lets go." Sam said.

The two walked back to the group on the blanket. Sam sat down but Rose took JD's hand. JD then said: "Hey, guys you can stop wondering about Rose and I." That seemed to get their attention. "We're officially dating,"

Matt, Zander and Heath congratulated them. Kyle also congratulated them. And Rose thanked them. He then moved his hand down near Justin's barely touching it. Anyone not paying attention might not notice it but it was just enough that some might have caught it.

Justin: Congrats.

Justin nudged Kyles hand a bit before he gave a quiet golf clap.

Ashley: Oh congratulations we are so happy for you. Right Jack?

Ashley nudged Jack with her elbow ever so slightly.

Jack: Oh yeah congrats.

Of course she also happen to notice a bit of chemistry between Justin and Kyle as well. She had a feeling they were close and decided to just wait and see since every couple likes some level of decorum. She hugged Jack in her excitement and pressed her chest against his arm on purpose to stir him up.

Ashley: Thank you sweety for the snacks. Would you like one?

Jack: Can I feed myself this time?

Ashley then took a sour cherry ball and gently pressed it up to his lips.

Ashley: What do you think?

Jack sighed as he ate the cherry sour ball. Granted he did like sweet and sour candy, but Ashley's affections were very embarrassing for him in public. He wanted to say something but knew it would only make things worse so he kept his mouth shut for now. Then he chewed in silence as Ashley cuddled with him. She was very happy and when she was happy his suffering was minimal. Part of him feared her wrath and he lacked the courage to get defeated by her again.

Ashley: So did you guys hear there is a dance coming up?

Jack felt a surge of fear run down his spine as his eye bulged out and he slowly looked at the happy Ashley.

Jack: You're kidding right?

Ashley: Now silly is the Back to School Dance. I caught a look at the school calendar and there is a lot of stuff on it. So you know that means we need to make some time to plan out our dresses. Maybe even a shopping trip? What do you think Justin?

Justin: Sounds like fun. I'm in.

Ashley: Kyle? How about you? I'm sure Justin could use some help right?

Ashley had a naughty smile on her face as if she was up to something.

Ashley: I'm sure my Jack could use some fashion pointers.

Jack: Uugg.

Ashley: Oh don't be such a Grumpy Gus.

Ashley then cuddled with Jack again just to rile him up.


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