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What a great FallFest & two OWCH for the price of one

FallFest image by James Drysdale

FallFest image by James Drysdale

What an outstanding FallFest!  Indeed, Diego and the entire support team from UFOP: StarBase 118 put on an absolutely fantastic show.  I actually counted 50 people in chat room #1 at one point during the first hour.  Wow!  Maybe next year we’ll need to expand to three events at once.  Who knows?

Anyway, I’d like to again thank everyone who had some hand in putting FallFest together.  We had contributors from seven different clubs (United Federation of Peaceful Simmers, Ongoing WorldsUFOP: StarBase 118Phoenix RoleplayingUCIPNew Worlds Project, and Independence Fleet).  So without any further ado, here they all are: Read More


Locke is awarded the OWCH

The OWCH awardI’m very pleased to announce that I’m awarding the newest OWCH (Ongoing Worlds Community Honor) award to Locke, from the game Blue Dwarf.

Locke has been helping me behind the scenes with improving the website to bring you new features including email features, mentioning characters in a post, and the post preview. And hopefully much more in the future! We’ve got loads of ideas for improvement, but also if you have ideas of your own please send them in too, you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook, or via the form on the website. Read More


OWCH awarded to Jack Tennant & other awards

The OWCH awardI’m proud to announce that I’m awarding the OWCH award (OngoingWorlds community honour) to Jack Tennant, for being an awesome member in Blue Dwarf and for going “above and beyond” being just a member of a roleplaying game. For months Jack has been recording the Blue Dwarf story into an audio podcast, a task which isn’t as easy as it sounds. it takes careful planning, organisation, practice, a talent for recording your voice and… well… the guts to record your voice in the first place! Believe me it does take guts, and I’m almost an emotional wreck when I record things like the how-to Youtube videos. Read More


The 3rd Community Honor goes to…

The OWCH awardI’m proud to announce that Ongoing Worlds‘ third Community Honor (OWCH) is hereby officially presented to Leon Archer of Spellbound for his enthusiastic leadership and outstanding contributions to the Ongoing Worlds Blog.  Congratulations, Leon!

Not only is Leon one of the leaders within the Ongoing Worlds game The Walking Dead, but he’s also the GM of two games that he founded, XCOM and Spellbound.  A quick review of any one of his three games will reveal an infectious enthusiasm for role playing that quickly spreads to the game’s other members and beyond.  His leadership, both in and out of story, is a model for us all to follow in creating and maintaining fresh and dynamic role play games.

Over the past few months, Leon has also written several articles covering an array of different simming and role play topics.  His posts are always interesting and provide greats points for us to think about and apply to our games.  These articles have contributed not only to our network here, but to the collective knowledge of our entire community.  If you haven’t yet read one of his articles, check them out!

You can see some of Leon’s other awards here.

Well done, Leon!


Chas Hammer is awarded the OWCH

The OWCH awardI’d like to inform everyone that Chas Hammer, a member of our Board of Advisors, has resigned and decided to move on with his career. Chas joined us earlier this year in March when OngoingWorlds and the Simming League merged. During his seven months on the board, Chas has been an invaluable asset to us all. With that in mind, I now present the second Ongoing Worlds Community Honor to Chas Hammer for his service on the Board of Advisors and for hosting SciWorld 2012.

Congratulations! Read More


Awarding the 1st Community Honor to…

The OWCH awardIt gives me great pleasure to present the first OngoingWorlds Community Honor Medal (OWCH) to Jonathan Swift of the USS Asimov for his service as chair of the 2012 Simming Fall Festival. Congratulations, Jonathan!

For those who attended FallFest last month, you saw first-hand what can happen when role players from different clubs and backgrounds come together to celebrate their craft and share ideas. In fact, I had an absolute blast! There were multiple trivia games (and the winners received free CDs!), live chat sims of different genres, and my favorite events: discussions on important topics within our community. Some of of the most talented role players on the web led workshops on character development, advertising and recruiting, and how to be a more effective host.

It’s safe to say that everyone who attended came out a better simmer and leader than when they entered. All in all, a great mix of fun and development. Jonathan’s set the bar high for next year’s FallFest chair. Read More