Holiday in 33AD!

<OOC: Sorry its short, will post a longer one next time!>

Herbie ran towards the ship, once again he was in trouble. I mean its not like something like this has happened before is it. Well that is a lie.

'I can see her,' Herbie smiled.

'See who?' Jay asked running to Herbie's side.

'The ship, I can see her!' Herbie continued to run, if only he was on the open waters surfing right now. Herbie hoped the cheap weaponry would come in handy.

'Good, keep on going!' the crew screamed.

Soon they had made it. The aquatic blue metal was submerged in the sand, still the windscreen wipers were wiping away as intended. Herbie climbed to the back and pulled open the airlock. 'Come on then!' Herbie whined.
Inside it was dark and cold, but they were not alone. Someone had made it in!


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