Shock Absorber

Artemis felt a sharp pain. He was hit with some sort of electrical baton. Luckily, he was mostly machine at this point, and the cybernetics took the charge.

The electricity danced over him, and while causing him immense pain, did little to stop him. Artemis slowly stood back up....groaning, and was promptly hit again.

"Stop!" He said, getting up again.

The man proceeded to hit Artemis numerous times, Eventually the cybernetics adapted and shifted the charge to his robotic arm.

Artemis rose up...."STOP. HITTING. ME. YOU. DICK!" He shoulder bumped the attacker away, and staggered back, electricity jumping off of him and illuminating the area around him. Artemis could hear the others go down, and

After everything went down, a very frazzled Dr. Pritchard stumbled back into the room.

" horrible. You people...should be ashamed" he said, trying not to acknowledge the smoke rising out of his garb from his robotic limbs.

"Who's the simulant?" Artemis asked.

A Dwarfer, still reeling from the attack, took a look. "One of the Pilate's men I suppose, he's onto us..."


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