Devil's Food Cake - Part the First.

It was strange, the last few hours had blurred past in a haze of activity. The second the Canaries had been pulled back, the miners also began to evacuate the overrun facility as well. The gelatinous monsters, at first held back by the slaughter of the imagined prison break pushed back in the absence of a counter attack. It was at the time when the slowly dying force field gave out and the monumental tidal waves of sand flooded over the metal structure that it was decided to abandon the place. All hope of rebellion or escape crushed in the urgent need to escape and survive. Slowly, the wounded, dying and lost were all on their way back to the prison. Dwarfers included. Jade had patched up a quivering Jacky, who whilst putting on a brave face was obviously in a lot of pain. The ship board medical kits weren’t amazing. No wonder the accident fatality record was so high.

It was only later, when they were cleaned up and given new uniforms that they were escorted to the dinner. Jade noticed that Cass had managed to rig up their collars to look attached and locked. First person to get zapped was going to have to be a good actor she mused. Alex looked rough, and it didn’t take a genius to see he was going through severe withdrawal. Jacky cradled his wounded hand, patched up slight better by the base medics. Jade inspected it from a distance, frowning over the shoddy bandage work and made a note to check it properly once they were back on the Dwarf.

Everyone was uneasy, and Jaxx was being given a wide berth by everyone except Evelina. His recent behaviour too close for comfort for some of the Dwarfers that had seen psycho shark Jaxx. Whatever his motivations were, it didn't go any way to easing the minds for the Dwarfers as he was obviously prepared to kill them all for whatever reasons he had. Jade looked across at Cass, who was doing a good impression of pretending to be stupid again, playing with her fork in a way that suggested she'd never seen one before. She wondered if it was a good idea to return Jaxx to his body, given his recent actions. At least in a scutter body they could control him easier.

"Are you ok." Jade whispered to Alex.

"Fine." He grimaced and grabbed his second glass of wine.

"You don't look...." She began, but he game her one of his grumpy 'I'm not an alcoholic' looks and she knew that there was no point pressing the issue. "We'll be out of here soon. Just hold it together till then." She shot him a reassuring smile.

<To Be Continued after I finish work. Post inbound at about 17:00>

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