Dim takes care of girl

Dim was not a great swimmer, but thankfully, he was a great climber, and Mimir timed the creation of the raft of ice well. Dim clawed at the ice with one hand and thrust the other into the water, catching the elf by the collar before she could sink under the waves. With an almighty heave, he pulled Luna onto the ice, before kicking his way onto the glacial sheet, water splashing and raining down all around him.

He sat up and looked around for a moment. The ship was rapidly consumed by the portal beneath the waves. "Hrm," he snorted, and spat into the water. The numerous wounds he got from the Draugr, all of them shallow, were scabbing and healing over with supernatural speed. "Good water," he murmured, more to himself than anyone else. "Bad for drowning, though. And cold!"

He stood up, slightly unsteady on the slippery raft, and pulled his coat from his shoulders. He squeezed as much water as he could from the ragged furs and wrapped it back around himself. Then he sat back down, crossed his legs, pulled the unconscious elf into his lap and wrapped the coat around the both of them. Luna's breath was shallow and rapid, little puffs of steam emanating from her mouth. Dim looked around. "Who has fire?"

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