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Mimir took a moment longer than he should have to register what was happening. His challenge to Olin had gone unnoticed as the ship was destroyed and the shaman formed a portal to Hel.
“Alright then, time to see what I have left.”
With no shard, he was left without additional magical power and the effort of floating, while minimal, was still requiring power.
He instead decided to let the ship fall, if he could gather his friends.
Taking a deep breath, he waved his hands in order to create a separate vortex, this one gradually solidifying into a sheet of ice. He continued to pull water to the sheet until it was a raft large enough to carry a group.
Floating down to it, he walked to the edge in order to keep the makeshift raft out of the portals pull.
With the chaos unfolding around them, Theo had little time to comprehend the full scale of what was happening. What he did see was the gaping portal to Hel that was slowly getting closer.
Not wanting to return to any part of that frigid prison, he began scrambling over the piece of ship he was on, reaching the edge and looking for anything that would save him.
Seeing a surprisingly stable block of ice, he dove into the water and swam as hard as he could.
Erik had been thrown overboard when the lightening struck, leaving him unaware of anyone else's location. The pull of the vortex made it clear where he should go however; away. As he set to swimming, he snapped back to the ship remains as he heard screaming.
Screaming as the current events unfolded, Dyvia was relieved to see that Balar hadn’t been harmed by Tiella after all. This relief was brief when she saw the state of the ship and its current path.
“Balar! Is Tiella back? I don’t see the witch anywhere!”
Moving to him, she couldn’t see anywhere they could go.
As the first pieces of their wreck fell into Hel, a sudden stop made her look to see Erik, straining as he held the ship and a block of ice that Mimir was keeping stable.

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