Shadow magic

In the confusion of the fight Luna cought sight of both Olian and Cail as they fought she saw that the stones were free of Cails hands and also know that they were in danger. Sominig her own magic she created shadowy bubbles around Cail Olin herself and all in there group. She used her shadows to see and find them. As she did thiss the effort of getting ahold of all her friends nearly to much for the young elf to bare and keeping contact of the magic was even harder. But some how she did it. She managed to teleport them away from the ship about half way between the ship and shore. She was not strong enuff to get them all the way to the shore that was Sean from the boat. As her friends hit the water again Luna remained in the air for a moment. The shadow forming wings similar in shape to a Luner mouth.

The image of the mouth having become impotent to her thanks to the nickname Olin had gave her. The shadow changes slightly they were spot with a silver light quickly diferencheating them from Cails shadow like magic. Eventually Luna’s shadow wings disappear and so did her magic. She was out cold and fell towards the water. The sudden surge in magic energy put to much strange on the elf girl. As she fell shadow appeared in the water in the middle of the group. A necessary but reckless use of magic. Please help my mistress I can not affect this world” shadow bagged hoping that someone in the group would rescue the falling elf.

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