They Discuss

Miles watched as the half-elf was trying to get any little bit of personal information that she could from himself and two of his new companions. She even offered him healing, but he didn't need that, nothing can cure a suffering soul.

As Miles knelt, he looked over to Garand, who had started talking.

"At least he can keep the focus on himself." Thought Miles.

The half elf was looking at Garand, who expectedly asked what she would like to know.

"And we all know how this goes, she will say something like, anything, your past, your interests..." Added Miles to his solemn thought.

He then stood up, adjusted his gauntlets, and turned to the half-elf.

"I don't need healing, so I wish not to talk." He stated, with a tinge of guilt.
He turned away and walked towards the rubble, while conjuring some of his magic.

"Maybe this will work." He muttered, as he raised his now magically strengthened axe into swinging position towards the debris.

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