Needs Must

Balar slowly got to his feet as Luna raced away towards the others. He heard the roar and the cries of distress and ignored them as he knelt to scoop a stone from the ground. He placed it gently atop the others that marked Tiellas burial place.

He could hear the cries of greeting now and glanced over to see that Erik had returned with the scoundrel that had attacked them out on the ice.

Looking past them he saw another figure shambling down the hillside behind them. He narrowed his eyes. The figure had the look of a Draugh which was not surprising out her but just for a moment... Majvoc? No it could not be. Just another monster of the wild to kill and by the sound of what approached, it would be little more than a distraction from the true battle.

Balar searched the ground for a weapon. His axe lost in the halls of Hela and the sword thrown into the lake. He snatched up the shovel with which he had Burried his wife and moved to join the others.

"Any of you ever killed a Dragon?" He asked as the familiar roar filled the air once more.

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