We're Gonna Need A Bigger Table

"Melissa, hay your here cool. Most of the team is here" she says. "I thought we could say hi to JD ever seen him turn red? if he would have been a football player I would have never let him go. it had been a while but he turns out even better now."

"Hey." Melissa smiled as Elena spoke about JD. She wasn't sure if Elena was interested in JD or just talking. After all, Melissa had flirted with Conner right before cheer practice but she was interested in Doug. Not that anyone knew that last fact and something she wanted to keep to herself for the moment.

As Elena walked past JD and seemed to embarrass him; Mel shook her head slightly. She couldn't tell what was the deal with those two. Ex-lovers or just friends. Whatever. It was right about then Dawn ran over to her. "Hey. You want to sit with us? We're over there?" Dawn pointed to the table she was sitting at with a blonde girl that looked slightly familiar.

Dawn and Melissa had met in one of their classes and hit it off right away. As it turned out they had a few other classes together, as they were both Freshman. It was what might be called a friendship in the making.

"Sure." She responded

When JD, Conner, Heath and Courtney sat down. JD asked about Rose. Sam nodded. "Yeah, she was asleep even before I left."

Sam then turned to Heath who was sitting across from her. "I need to talk to you later."

Heath nodded and then said. "Well, I hope she feels better."

Sam responded with "She'll probably be alright tommorrow."

Conner sitting next to him was looking around the room eating his ice cream. "Sam, and Dawn is it?

"Yes." Dawn responded. "I'm Dawn. You are?"

Sam responded with a nod. After all Dawn had just said who she was; it would only make sense that Conner would figure out the other one of them was Sam.

Sam then said. "Dawn this is JD, Heath and Courtney." Motioning to each person in between bites of ice cream.

Heath said. "We've met but it's nice to see you again."

Courtney gave her typical response upon meeting a new person. "It's nice to meet ya."

It was about then Conner got up to invite Jocelyn to sit with them.

Melissa got her cone and was a little surprised to see who was sitting at the table. "Hey." She said as she sat down.

It was Dawn's time to do the introductions which she did though Melissa already knew Conner and JD.

Kyle spotted Justin come in and after he got his ice cream said a brief hi to him as he was walking by to get to the table where everyone else was. Heath had spotted him and waved him over.

Courtney spoke up. "Oh, Sam. Ashley said she wanted to talk to you about some shopping trip."

"Thanks." Sam finished her ice cream. "I'll go find her."

With that Sam got up, threw away her cup and spoon and went to find Ashely. She found Ashely without much problem and said to her. "Hi. Courtney said you wanted to talk to me?" Of course, if Ashley was talking to someone else she waiting until she was done and didn't interupt her.

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