Better Late Than Never

Courtney smiled at Conner's quip. As he left she rose and grabbed her tray. "I'll see everyone in a little bit." She took care of her tray and left the cafeteria.

Heath and Kyle stood and practically the same time. Also, said they'd see everyone at the rec center later, took care of their trays and left.

At the nerd table and Dawn and Zander.

April, Dawn and Zander left the cafeteria at about the same time. They all went back to their respective rooms.

As the other students were leaving the table, Ashley, Jack, Blossom and Justin finished up and cleaned off their tables. Since everyone was planning to attend the ice cream social, Ashley suggested they change clothes and meet up at the rec room.

Jack: Ash I am not really feeling up to this.

Ashley looked at Jack with a bright smile before she caressed his cheek and spoke.

Ashley: Jack........You need to be a bit social. We are going to be here for the next four years and it would be nice if you made some friends.

Jack looked at Ashley with annoyance as she was trying to play nice while still telling him to do what she wants.

Blossom: Maybe he is nervous.

Ashley: Of course he is. My Jack had a habit of being a loner, but that is unhealthy.
Also his mother asked me to help him make some friends.

Jack: I don't that.

Jack was in a grouchy mood again and glared at Ashley who was smothering him with love.

Ashley: Please Jack? It would mean the world to me if you made the effort.

Ashley held Jack's hands and smiled brightly as she crushed his hands with little effort on her part. Jack's expression changed quickly as he winced and nodded.

Jack: Okay okay.....I'll go.

Ashley: Promise?

Jack: Yes I promise.

Ashley: Thank you babe.

Ashley kissed him on the cheek and then left with Blossom to change clothes. Along the way Blossom spoke quietly to Ashley.

Blossom: Wow you sure got him eating out your hand Ashley.

Ashley: Thanks Blossom. I like to persuade him with kindness.

Blossom: Well my momma just yells and throws stuff at my dad when he won't listen.

Ashley: I like her already.

The two girls laughed as they made there way to the girls dorms. Meanwhile Jack and Justin were heading back to the boys dorm to change. Justin was amused by how whipped Jack was around Ashley. Since Jack seemed to like her he refrained from butting in, but he did agree that being a loner in school was not healthy. So after they arrived at their dorm and changed clothes.

Justin: You alright Jack?

Jack: Yeah I'm fine. (mumble)

Jack was rubbing his sore hands since they still stung from Ashley's iron grip earlier. He was still not used to her being stronger than him. It was both scary and embarrassing since he worked to get stronger and took martial arts to beat her up since he was under the impression she was a guy at the time. Justin put on his clubbing look since he wanted to look good and mingle a bit. Jack on the other hand didn't want to go and put on his casual clothes including a pair of jeans and t-shirt. At this point he wanted to rebel against Ashley for bullying him in the first place.

It didn't take long before they met at the entrance of the rec center. It was a bit surprising when Ashley and Blossom showed up a bit later and looking very pretty. It was obvious they put on make up and worked on their hair. It was very crowded and the line for ice cream got long since they took to long to meet up. Ashley then locked arms with Jack to show they were a couple before the school. Jack wanted to resist but Ashley applied some pressure to keep him in line as they were behind Blossom and Justin. After a while they got their ice cream as Jack and Ashley got mint chocolate chip, while Justin got vanilla and Blossom got chocolate and vanilla.

Even though Jack was not in the mood for ice cream or socializing, he found the mint ice cream was rather good. He figured they splurged on the high quality stuff since rich kids had a higher standard of living. Since he had ice cream now he found he could use it as an excuse to avoid talking. Ashley on the other hand was a social butterfly and was politely saying hello to those she knew and passed by. Blossom was nervous and staying close to Ashley since she was new to an event this big when she hardly knew anyone. Justin on the other hand was checking out the hotties and politely greeting others as they passed them by.

JD sitting with the others "Hi Sam, Dawn." He said with a smile "Sam so Rose was that worn out?" asked JD as he licked his ice cream.
Conner sitting next to him was looking around the room eating his ice cream. "Sam, and Dawn is it?" Conner asked. " He looked back by the door "she is here" he mumbled. JD turned to look then looked disappointed but said nothing. he just looked back at the group. Conner smiled "Be back guys" he said as he got up and walked towards the Ice cream line.

"Jocelyn" called out Conner. "Hay glad you made it. what to sit with us?" he asked with a smile.

It wasn't long before Ashley saw Conner waving someone over. She looked at the others and suggested they join them. Seeing as they didn't seem to mind they headed over to where JD was.

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