Ice cream flavers

Walking in she got in line as well for ice cream looking around she spotted JD and the others. Elena thought to herself how she would tease JD. comping up with a plan she spotted Sunday sitting alone. this is a time to meet people not hide. Seeing Melissa another cheer sister "Melissa, hay your here cool. Most of the team is here" she says. "I thought we could say hi to JD ever seen him turn red? if he would have been a football player I would have never let him go. it had been a while but he turns out even better now.

Getting her ice cream she walk with Melissa by JD running her hand across JDs shoulders with a provocative look on her face. "Hay JD, I have missed those broad shoulders" she said walking by. JD jumped when Elena ran her hand across his shoulder then cringed at the sound of her voice. "Funny Elena" he said in reply. she giggled and kept walking to where Sunday. "Hi, Sunday good to see you made it" she said in her upbeat happy tone.


Hanging over with the other football players Lance looked over the room. some of the other cheer girls joined them they ate their ice cream and joked making fun of some people in the room. they knew better than to start trouble now with the staff in the room. Lance was just smiling and eating up the attention the girls were giving to him. He saw one guy one he already was not sure of. They Called him JD and he would have to put that guy in his place He was the star athlete and he was not going to give that up to anyone he thought.


JD sitting with the others "Hi Sam, Dawn." He said with a smile "Sam so Rose was that worn out?" asked JD as he licked his ice cream.
Conner sitting next to him was looking around the room eating his ice cream. "Sam, and Dawn is it?" Conner asked. " He looked back by the door "she is here" he mumbled. JD turned to look then looked disappointed but said nothing. he just looked back at the group. Conner smiled "Be back guys" he said as he got up and walked towards the Ice cream line.

"Jocelyn" called out Conner. "Hay glad you made it. what to sit with us?" he asked with a smile.

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