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Tib’s Corner – Roleplaying Tips: Creating Posts and Good Post Ideas

TIb's SniperHey guys! Tib here, thought I’d share a couple of tips and ideas that I use when I’m writing a post or trying to come up with a good Idea. So let’s begin! Shall we? Okay so one of the biggest things I think is a problem writing posts is getting bored and staying interested in the post. This is hard to beat sometimes, you just have that thought after awhile “UGH! THIS POST IS TAKING FOREVER! THANKS A LOT ALEX!” [No hard feelings buddy :)] and you just lose interest. I agree, it does get boring after a while. But there are ways to make it better! Read More


Does Everybody Need A Character?

Army peeps

It’s not about the diversity. It’s because JIM DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP CREATING CHARACTERS!

The title may seem misleading, like “does every member need a character?” Well… yes they do, if not what’s the point of being in the game? But this is about something I’ve actually done before and I’m still a culprit for sometimes in game development. What I’m talking about is creating a character for everyone [not members] that seems to get involved in the story. Like creating one for a guy that will only be used once in a while or once, period. Doing this can lead to a giant list of characters you created that end up either forgotten or just deleted. Read More


Sci-fi western? Zombie romance? Multiple new categories available

Cowboy aliens roleplay

This feature was requested a while ago, and I forgot who asked for it (own up in the comments below!). And I thought it was a good idea. Instead of having just one game category, you can now have several Read More


FAQ – How do I get awards on my profile?

You might notice that some people have quite a few awards on their profile. Some of these are the normal, black trophy-looking awards, and some are the green ones with a shiny medal on (see the image below).

The awesome supporter trophy

User Threnody has an “Awesome supporter” award for donating

Read More


The freedom of privacy – 4 reasons to make your game private

Roleplaying poster in the style of the Obama change posterI’ve noticed often in our hobby that many people like to keep themselves an enigma. Using usernames instead of real names, and keeping details about themselves on a need-to-know basis.

A number of people asked for private games to be a feature – which is now an option (see here). Here’s some reaons why you might want to have a private game:

  • If you’re nervous about your quality of writing – A private game will be seen by other members in your game, but nobody else. Allowing you to develop your writing skills with trusted people. Read More


The reason why OngoingWorlds games have to be in English

Recently I noticed a game that was written in a language that wasn’t English. I had to close it, which is really unfortunate because I don’t like to discriminate at all, but sadly just can’t support other languages. Read More


You can now request your game to be private

Private sign

Okay so private games are now officially live Read More


FAQ – Can I change my username?


This question was asked by Melissa on our Facebook page after a discussion about our new FAQ section Read More


FAQ – Can I transfer a game to another player?


I’ve decided it might be a good idea to write some articles here that answer some of the questions I get about functionality on OngoingWorlds. Might be useful for everyone right?

This one was asked by Melissa White on our Facebook pageCan I transfer a game to another player? 

Answer – Yes it can be done. But let me explain a few things first. Read More


How to post to a Facebook page from OngoingWorlds

Post to facebook

So you might have a Facebook page for your game on OngoingWorlds. If not, it’s a really good idea because:

  • It helps people find your game
  • It gives you a place to announce stuff
  • People can follow your game easily, even if they don’t have time to play (usually called lurking)

Read More