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How to advertise your game without ramming it down people’s throats

MadmenAdvertising is hard

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a new roleplaying game is getting players to join initially. Getting people to join a brand new game without an established story or any guarantee it’ll not be a waste of time is tricky. Finding the members is difficult enough, so you want to make your game as visible as possible.

A lot of this involves putting yourself out there, self-promoting, and just generally shouting loudly about your game into the ether until someone hears you. Read More


Tib’s Corner – Interview with King Alex *The Awesome #Kingliness


Hey guys, Tib here, somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a room, being help captive against my will by the wonderful and amazing King Alex *The Awesome. King Alex is a member of the Triumvirate of Doom and a self described “King of Everything.” So let’s inverstigate the king shall we? Read More


Tib’s Corner – Interview with Victoria Taylor “Celticlady, Tori”

tumblr_mezcrofyv61rfnwv0o1_250Hey guys! Tibby here with another interview! This one is with the fast rising GM, Victoria Taylor. Or as we know her around OW, “Celticlady” or “Tori.” Victoria is GM of one of OW most popular games, “DNA With A Twist.”. I emailed Victoria to start the interview and let’s see what she had to say!

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Want more members? Advertise your game on PBEM2

Are you looking for more members to join your game? If you’re not advertising on PBEM2 you might be missing out, here’s a video walkthrough of me showing you how to add a listing on PBEM2 🙂


Big Ideas Week – Preview

With their ‘Big Ideas Week’ just around the corner (beginning Feb 20th), the website SciFi Ideas have released a preview of their upcoming content. They’re hoping that it will inspire writers to share some of their ideas.

Here’s a snippet of one of the many science fiction ideas that SciFi Ideas will be sharing during Big Ideas Week…

The memories of celebrities are available for public download.

John Turner is an internet sensation. His first marriage was a best-seller and over 2 million people subscribe to his daily live feed. But when a false memory is implanted into his feed, the memory of a murder being committed, John finds himself on the run.

John must prove his innocence. But with the police watching his every move, as his experiences are transmitted directly from his brain, a two minute delay in transmission is his only advantage. That and his millions of loyal fans.

Also coming up in Big Ideas Week… Read More


Games Directory re-appears after long hiatus

ScreenshotEdit: It appears not long after this website re-appeared, it disappeared again. Rubbish!!!

If you’ve been roleplaying for many years you might remember a website called the “Games Online Directory”. The directory was like a yellow pages for roleplaying games and was very popular back in 2000 -2004, when the website went offline very suddenly without any warning. Many people who used the site to advertise their games were not notified and lost all adverts to their site, and all the site’s banners and affiliate links suddenly turned blank.


Back when it was popular, the Games Online Directory had over 100,000 hits a year, it was a popular destination for people searching for games, and for people advertising their games. But with such a long absence, it’ll have to build up that audience all over again.

It might now look much now, but with some cool new features added, the Games Online Directory has the potential to really benefit the roleplaying community. We’ll just have to wait and see what Nick pulls out of the bag!


How to create a Facebook page for your Roleplaying game

In the previous article I explained how creating a Facebook fan page for your game will help you to get new members. This article will show you how to create a page for your roleplaying game, if you already have a fan page and want to know how to set it to automatically publish a link to your game’s latest post, read this article.

Create the fan page

To get started, go to and click “create page”.

Create a facebook fan page

You’re creating a page that you want to use to post regular information about your game, so you’ll want to create an “Official Page” not a “Community Page”. The latter doesn’t give us the amount of control and customisation we want.

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Create a Facebook page for your roleplaying game

girl holding sign saying "find my roleplaying game on facebook"

So you’ve got a roleplaying game that’s doing okay, it’s been well thought out and you’ve written a few posts, but what you really need are some more members!

Advertise to get new members!

How will people know about your roleplaying game if you don’t tell people about it?! It’s very unlikely that someone is going to stumble on your webpage by chance. I’ve talked before about how you should advertise your game and also listed some good sites to advertise on, but Facebook is also great place to advertise, because it’s a website that so many people use!

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5 ways to advertise your roleplaying game

join my play-by-post game

Often it’s very difficult to advertise your roleplaying game. Lots of new games are created every week, so there’s a lot of competition. What you have to do is advertise your games to get new members, but this is quite difficult. It’s most likely that you don’t want to spend any money on advertising, so it’s not like you’re going to pay for a large billboard to advertise your game, and even if you did you probably wouldn’t be hitting the right audience, roleplayers.

What you want to do is make sure that when you do advertise your game, you’re doing it to the right people.

Here are some ways you can advertise your game and make sure you’re showing it to the right people:

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I've created a new game, now what?

So you’ve just created a new game, given it a title and a description (if not, go back and see my article “How to create a game in Ongoing Worlds”). And you might be wondering what you have to do next. Your game is merely skin and bones, and you need to do a few things to flesh it out, by adding an image, some initial characters, and develop the story by writing some posts. You’ll probably want to do either of these things next, but you can do them in any order.

Brand new game

Add an image to your game

The image will display on your game’s homepage, next to the description you’ve already written. This image will be shown on the “All Games” page so make sure it’s inviting to the kind of people who you want to join your game. Click “Edit this image” under the default image and choose an image from your computer.

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