The Jay of Reckoning

When: 1 week after everyone returned to Blue Dwarf
“What the smeg?” Jay asked holding up the stuffed toy. “Did you TELL him?”
“Tell him what?” Katrina asked, as Phil stood grinning in at the foot of Jay’s hospital bed.
“About the…..” Jay changed his tone to a whisper “…rabbits…”
“Of course I didn’t!”
“Then why has he brought me a toy bunny?!”
“Kat didn’t tell me anything about no rabbits” Phil said still grinning.
“Then why the rabbit!” Jay snapped
“I can’t bring my best buddy a gift to help him get better?” Aside from Max, and the doctors, Phil was the only person Katrina had allowed to see Jay while he rested, and THAT was only after she finally got fed up of his constant “Please Kat! Please Kat! Please Kat! Please Kat!”
To be fair, of all the people she could have let in, he was probably the worst choice. Sure he was Jay’s best friend, but that was really half the problem, when these two were together, there was no telling what was going to happen, the only thing she was half certain of was the fact that Jay would not be getting the rest he so needed…once, she remembered, back when Jay was the Chief Navigation Officer and Phil the Head of Security the two met up for lunch. The intention was to be a quick catch up, a single cheeky pint each and one of the baguettes off Parrotts lunch menu.
Neither of them were seen again for a fortnight. Turns out, they’d got drunk, stumbled into an escape pod, crashed on a dwarf planet and accidentally caused the spontaneous emergence and super-accelerated evolution of an entire civilisation, which grew from Stone Age to spacefaring, before their eventual extinction the following Monday.
It was for this reason she’d insisted she wouldn’t take her eyes off the pair the whole time Phil visited.
“IF you want to bring me a gift, bring me my xbox.” Jay said “Or a copy of Top Gear magazine or something, not a stuffed rabbit!”
“You don’t like it?” Phil smirked.
“She told you! She must have!”
“Told me what…”
“……you know what….”
“I know…something….”
“Kat, you told him, I know you did!”
“I didn’t!” Kat squeaked
“She didn’t!” Phil said. “Plisken did…”
“How the smeg does Plisken know?”
“….he….might have been there when I told Cass….”
“Not just Cass!.....everyone, look, it was thundering alright, I was scared!”
“So to make yourself feel better you thought you’d tell everyone about my…..rabbit thing!”
“yeah, whats that all about anyway dude?” Phil asked
“They have giant teeth and dead eyes…I don’t trust them….”
“You were fine when we met the easter bunny…”
“I hid it well….look anyway, Phil, can you do me a favour? Get everyone together in the refectory for me…”
The next day
The crew were scattered around the refectory, grabbing various things to eat for breakfast, idly chatting, when the room was filled with a repetitive tapping noise coming from the corridor, getting closer and closer.
*tap* *tap* *tap*
The door swished open and Max charged in, and began roughly grabbing for some fruit in a bowl on the main table.
*tap* *tap* *tap*
In walked Jay and Katrina. Jay with one arm over Katrinas shoulders, for support, the other arm leaning heavily on a wooden cane.
“Captain Chry….” Jade began
“Jay…just…Jay” replied Jay
“Ok…Jay…what are you doing out of bed!”
“I tried to tell him…” Katrina said “but theres only so much I can do to keep him there….” She smeared some Vaseline on her lips as she said this, which raised a couple of eyebrows.
“You look like smeg” said Plisken, bluntly, sucking on his pipe.
“Guess we’re on equal footing for while eh old timer?” Jay smirked.
“I’d kick your arse even if you were at full health…” Plisken replied. “Good to have you back.”
Someone offered Jay a chair, but he refused.
“From what I’m told” Jay said “You all went to a lot of trouble to find a cure for me. I would never have asked any of you to do this, yet, you still did. Even those of you I don’t know that well….” He glanced over individually to Jamie, Jaxx, Evelina, Artemis (who he didn’t know at ALL) and Jade as he said this.
“I owe you all more than I can ever repay…but one of us paid the ultimate price. As you all no doubt know by know, Cass has been taken into the custody of the STCP…the organisation that has dogged me…dogged us over and over…she could be anywhere, anywhen, and in any kind of danger…and I won’t rest until we’ve got her back…”
“I don’t want to ask any of you to do more for me than you already have. But, I need to…I can’t rescue her alone. I need your help…will you help me?”
<tag guys…who’s in?>

- The search and rescue of Cass will be the overarching plot line for the foreseeable future, before we can start we need to find resources, find the time drive, get it working, as well as face up to the usual dangers and adventures of deep space…lets not rescue her yet….
- Jay’s not fighting fit yet either – though he’s impatient, and wants to get started right away, someone will need to talk sense into him, we’ve got some down time while he fully recovers then he’ll want to prepare for the rescue…unless of course, something happens in the mean time…..(so yeah, I guess I'm opening the floor to you guys to decide what happens next!)

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