My Command

Needing a moment to reign in the vast new power he had gained, Mimir looked to the dragon as it regained its mortal form.
“My people and I need safe passage to Asgard, oh mighty Root Eater. This is my command in return for the price of our bond.”
He would need some time to gather his thoughts and make sense of what Kespin had done in his stead, but he knew it would be a grueling task given what few he had glimpsed.
For now he looked to the others to be sure they were together, taking note in Tiella’s miraculous recovery.
There was a darkness in her eyes... had they always looked so beady?
It seemed the others and more were present, making the hopefully possible trip to Midgard easier.
He also noted his lack of power. While much had flowed back to him, he had felt a significant amount cut off at the last moment. He tested a spell he knew by heart and was stunned to see no effect.
“Balar, did we happen to make any other friends that are not here?”

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