bad dreams

Luna stared to toss and turn in her sleep. Her magic for once seaming to be nonexistent. for the moment she was like anyone else having a bad dream.

She found herself walking throw a forest. As she walked she stared to see her worst fear come to life. she saw her friends fighting a powerful elf with her magic infect the elf looked a lot like her the raven was even there. " no she cried seeing the elf attack her friends." I would never do that, it cant be" she cried.

She suddenly woke bolting upright. She looked around and relief crossed her face. " it was just a dream it was not real' she mutter. she was glad to see Olin was up and well but did not approach him infect she got to her feet and started passing. she stayed with in sight of there little camp but avoided the others.

Her mind wondered with countless questions. The most important of them being that she was afraid she would hurt her friends. She contemplated leaving but know not to. Baler did not understand the danger her magic put them in and would likely follow her. So how could she protect her friends she could not control her power. " I don't want that dream to come true" she muttered.

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