The Tall Girl

Thomas made it into the Chemistry class right as the bell rang. There was one spot left open and he moved to sit down.

As he approached a tall girl came and looked down at him. Being a gymnast he was use to many girls being taller than he was. But, she was perfect! Long volley ball hair, legs that went up forever, and a pair of breasts that were about an inch above eye level and put pressure on the buttons of her shirt. He had never been so happy to sit to the right of a girl in his life. The gaps between the buttons on her shirt exposed enough to keep him glancing over all class.

He was looking forward to volleyball season where they wore their uniforms to classes for home games. He was not sure what was going on.

Karley saw Tomas sit next to her as she looked down at him like he was a pet. She could feel his perverted stare as she saw his eyes fixated on her chest. As she looked at him ogling her without a hint of shame she smirked as she was going to enjoy breaking him since his little brain was the only one working right now. Perhaps she might make him do all the work in science class with an empty promise of getting closer.

Karley: Eyes up here little man.

Karley gave him an evil smirk as she was planning to use this perv for her own amusment.


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