Kyle sit

Kyle was looking forward to the beach party but had to get through chemistry at the moment. When he walked in he noticed Dawn from music class who had a partner sitting with her.

Rose and Sam were, of course, lab partners. So, he said hello to everyone he knew and then took a seat at an empty table near them. He watched as people came in and quickly paired up; obviously, they already knew each other. It didn't take long though before he found a student who needed a partner.

Jack was torn between his two female bullies since he left one to sit with the other. He felt very unlucky. Olivia had a smarmy grin on her face as Jack approached her with his head down. Olivia could see the expression of annoyance on Ashley's face as she was separated from her boyfriend. Blossom was worried till Ashley told her it was okay and they were still okay. Both Ashley and Olivia exchanged glances as they sized each other up. Jack could cut the tension with a knife as he was unlucky enough to be between them. Then Justin showed up and was seated with the stoner skater named Travis. Jack looked at Justin for help only to get a "Sorry man" expression. This was going to be a long and painful year if things stayed like this. Poor Jack knew he was going to get an earful after class from Ashley. Hoping to avoid eye contact he pulled out his pencil and notebook.

Seeing Kyle walk in JD motioned to him to come over to his station table. He looked around the room and seeing the others and watching Jack and Ashley. JD turned to Kyle and said “so, do you think Jack is in over his head with Ashley?” in a low voice. This is going to be a fun year I think Kyle. What do you think?” JD asked.

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