Awkward questions

Conner sitting next to him was looking around the room eating his ice cream. "Sam, and Dawn is it?
"Yes." Dawn responded. "I'm Dawn. You are?"

"Conner, are you new?" asked Conner.

Jocelyn took a seat with the others. "Yeah but I maybe shouldn't have." she said pointing to her ankle. "The walk made it a bit sore, but I'll live. Been through worse." she said taking a seat in the cluster of people. She wasn't sure what they were talking about before, likely more social stuff than she'd even know where to try and start talking about anything. Despite what people seemed to think she was rather boring.

"I hope it gets better soon," Conner says to Jocelyn a little concerned.
JD now recovered from the incident with Elana. "I met you at the track with blossom right? we were talking about the whole idea about the beach party you are going right?." asked JD talking to Jocelyn.


Sunday pulled off her headphones as Elena was talking. Reading her lips. "Yes I made it. Wouldn't pass up good ice cream." she said as she took a bite. "Napoleon is the best." she said, "The lady told me it was Neapolitan but that a drink, not an ice cream." she told Elena over the blasting music. "You like a lot of guys don't you?" she half asked half saying as a rather blunt statement. "Why?"

she scop some ice cream from her cup thinking. "They intrigue me, one day I will settle on one, but not yet. I have time to see what I like and dislike in guys. My mom said find out now. When you are married it's too late. I just like guys all was have." Elana said. She took another spoon of Ice cream then her eyes got wide like she just realized something. "Oh man ah Sunday weird question are you into Guys.... or is it girls...? either way it does not matter to me, Just wondering" Elena asked awkwardly.

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