Boardwalk boat one

(JP with Redsword and Cindy)
(Boat 1) boardwalk

Everyone seemed good with the split in the group and got in line. The conversation was light with people not discussing anything too specific. The wait though was only a few minutes and soon enough the first group was getting on their boat.

The boat was more like a giant round raft with ten seats in pairs of two. So of course all the couples sat together. Conner with Kaylee, JD with Rose, Courtney with Matt, Sam with Heath, and Zander with Riley.

Zander did, sort of, wish his sister and April could have been with this group but this did seem like the most logical way to split the groups and it wasn't that big of a deal.

Once everyone was seated and belted in, the ride had lap belts, they were given a slight push with a pole by the attendant. The ride spun a little and they were off.

Conner took Kaylee's hand into his as the ride started. Conner looked over to Kaylee and asked. "Ever been on real rapids?"

JD was just watching Rose and was holding her hand as well. as they hit the first set of rapids the boat bumped around so and water splashed on the group. the water felt cold when it hit the skin. some people gave a small scream while others winced as the water hit them. JD oddly seems not to be fazed by it. The movement and water seemed normal to him. JD gave a warm smile to Rose every time she reacted to the ride "this is your first time on rapids?" JD asked his voice just above the nose.

Kaylee shook her head, and it might have been surprising "No, but it's definitely on my list of things I want to do. My family just hasn't gone anywhere that had those." She paused as the first of rapids hit the boat splashing up getting her wet, once they were past that she returned the question. "Have you, ever been in real rapids?"

When the first wave hit Rose she winced slightly, it was cold but cold didn't bother her as much as some people. The beach in Vermont had been on a lake filled with mountain water, after all. Still, the sudden splash had surprised her a little because she wasn't used to it.

Hearing JD's question, "Yes, " Rose responded. "I'm getting the feeling though you might have done this before?" He just seemed used to it.

The first of the water hit Courtney and Matt. Courtney looked somewhat at ease with it. Matt hadn't done this before though and he had to ask Courtney, "You've done this before.?"

"Yes" Courtney replied "Not this ride but real rapids. There is a river not too far from my home," clearly meaning her home in Tennessee. "It has some great rapids. Most of us would just go down them on inner tubes. "

Sam surprisingly was one of the ones to let out a little scream as the first bit of water hit her. "Damn, that's cold."

Heath smiled at her and then the water hit him. "Wow, ok you're right."

Riley also screamed slightly when the water hit her the first time. Zander winced at the water hitting him at the same time. Neither had ever done anything like that before.

Conner smiled "some did a few river trips but nothing too crazy they said the rapids were class 1 to 3 which was fun. I think the scale is 1-5. I would like to take you some time." Conner gave a crafty smile 'I would like to see you all wet from the trip." replies Conner.

Across from Conner and Kaylee JD and Rose sat. JD laughed this time water splashed on him. "yes sometimes I think I have spent more time in the water than on land. Coldwater I am used to it." JD paused when they hit a good wave. "Thanks to my dad," JD said with some annoyance.

Kaylee grinned when Conner said, he'd like to see her all wet, "Well then, we might just have to do that sometime.". She got splashed again.

Rose nodded, given what she already knew about JD, his response made sense. "At my old boarding school, we had a private lake with a beach. The lake was fed from mountain streams, it's probably the coldest water I've ever been in."

Courtney and Matt had progressed to talking about the things to do around Courtney's home as if they were planning a trip or something.

Sam. Heath, Riley, and Zander all were just having fun on the ride getting wet and riding the rapids.

JD thought it was cool about Rose's reply. "Never went to a school like that I have had them close to the ocean only. This is the first boarding school I have been to. I still don't think of it that way because my parents are in town. I know Conner feels the same way." said JD as the boat bumps around throwing them around a little.

Smiling Conner thought imagining what she would look like. "I know my family has not gone on a river trip in a while. might have to talk them into it," replied Conner.

Rose actually didn't think many people from this school had been in boarding schools before, "I can understand that. It's not that common, any longer, that people have gone as long as I have to them. My old school though had a lot of stuff on campus because there wasn't a lot to do outside of campus."

Kaylee responded with, "It sounds like fun."

She paused long enough for the water to hit her again but it was no longer as much of a surprise then asked Conner. "So, is there something you've want to do that you've not done, yet?"

Sam and Heath held hands and talked about how fun this might be to do for real.

Riley looked over at Zander. "This is fun. "

Zander agreed. "It is. We might have to come back so we can ride it again."

Riley smiled at him and nodded definitely liking the idea.

Courtney and Matt's discussion somehow led Courtney to say to him. "Well, you'd be welcome to come home with me over one of the breaks. I mean if it's ok with your parents and you'd like to."

Matt smiled at her, "Of course, I'd like to and my parents are pretty easy going about such things but what about your family and you bringing home a boyfriend."

Courtney said, "Well, they'll be fine with it as long as we follow their rules."

Matt nodded, "Sounds fair."

JD gave Rose's hand a gentle squeeze. "I hope this school will be the best." then he gave a flirting smile "I am here. I hope that's enough to make it your best year. I know you are making mine time the best." JD tried to lean over to kiss Rose but was stopped by the restraints. for his efforts, all he got was a face full of water as the boat hit a wave. JD shook his head getting others around JD wet. "See the water loves me," JD said joking.

Conner thought on what Kaylee asked this thought at first was perverted. "there are a few. Skydiving, rock climbing, driving a real race car, and a lot of things with you." Conner said with a grin.

Rose smiled at him as JD as he spoke, "Well, it's definitely the best school I've been to." She didn't have time to explain that before JD got drenched and then got everyone around him wet by shaking his head.

Rose laughed and then another wave hit the boat drenching her and Sam and Heath. They all laughed and looked over to the other side of the boat where the others were sitting who hadn't caught either of those waves.

But the boat spun slightly and drenched everyone else on the boat.

Kaylee laughed as everyone, including her, got soaked before responding to Conner. "Oh, rock climbing is great. You know you take me white water rafting, I can take you rock climbing." She smiled at him. "There are a lot of things I want to do with you as well." Adding a wink.

Conner shook the water off. the clothing on Kaylee started to stick to her and accented her body curves. This was not helping his imagination thinking of Kaylee. "I hope to take you anywhere with me any time you want to go," replied Conner.

JD shook off the water then blushed some realizing He was staring at Rose's wet shirt. JD quickly looks away then back at her eyes. "This is the best thing that has happened to me in years I am glad we met and I am here with you now." JD express feeling a little warm now as his heart raced.

Kaylee smiled at Conner. It was so nice to date someone she felt this comfortable with. She knew her shirt was clinging to her and she was glad Conner apparently liked the view.

Rose smiled at JD and his words. No one had ever called her anything close to that and it was nice to hear. It was even better those words came from him.

The rest of the ride was enjoyed by everyone but soon enough it came to end and everyone started to get off the ride.

JD and Conner help Rose and Kaylee off the boat they walked down the ramp and wait for the others JD wrapped his arms around Rose and pulls her in gently pressing his body to Rose's body and kissing her. "I will help you stay warm unless you want to be cold?" asked JD.

With Conner and Kaylee, They were all over each other it was not sexual but clingy picking up where they left off before getting on the water ride.

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