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Shattered Wall

Many years ago, a massive wall that spanned the entire continent kept the kingdoms of Human and Giant apart. Neither knew of the others' existence, nor why or how the wall was there. All that was known was that it was there, and there was no destroying it. One day, about a hundred years ago, a p ... More...

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Created : Mar 7, 2016

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D&D Redbox Adventure for new players

I'm a new player/DM and want a group of new players to all enjoy D&D for the first time together. What better way than to begin with the Redbox. ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 3

Created : Mar 20, 2015

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The world of Argos

Our story begins on a small planet Called Argos. A world constantly plagued by demon incursions. On this planet reside 3 mortal races. Demons are a race of creatures that cross over into Argos through portals between their own universe and ours. The demon universe is a a twisted mirror image of ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 2

Created : Nov 11, 2016

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