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(Harry Potter Meets James Bond) In a world of Modern Science and Advanced Technology, Magic and Magicians exist, working in the shadows of Society. In the experimental ocean-based floating city of ATLANTIS, Magic Agents stationed there suffer one attack after another from dark Magic Cabals who ... More...

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Created : Jul 1, 2016

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The Savage Tide

Pirate themed adventure using modified 3.5 rule set. ... More...

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Created : Jan 28, 2019

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Building Blocks: The World-Building Platform

In a world, where people make worlds, one man from the aforementioned world makes a world, where people with worlds can share their worlds to the world. Writing Bug presents to you, Building Blocks: The World-Building Platform. Welcome to Building Blocks, the platform where worlds are shared ... More...

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Created : Dec 25, 2018

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The Heart of the Purple Storm

This game is my attempt to tap into asian mythology and tell you a story of wonder and intrigue. There are many influences for this game, films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, the Hidden Kingdom, and the Neverending Story amongst others. Your characters will e ... More...

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Created : Mar 30, 2018

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Nadyun's Miracle

Nadyun was floating through space, aimlessly. Nothing on her mind, other than love. An emotion that lasted her eternity. She had no senses. Only this one emotion, and knowledge. Knowledge of all except for one. Life. She had no understanding on the subject of life. She was existing, but had no conce ... More...

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Created : Jan 4, 2019

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Area 96

Hi everyone welcome to a strange new game. This is an advantage that will take place in a world with anthropomorphic caricature. You have the option of playing a scientist, a government angent, an experiment or part of the civilian population. Scientists- answer to the government and are respons ... More...

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Created : Dec 16, 2018

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  • Teeth.. ( Posted Jan 10, 2019)
  • Plans ( Posted Jan 10, 2019)
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To the Edge of the World...

This DnD-esque RP tells the tale of a ship sailing westward into the unknown and the adventurers aboard her. Their mission is to explore and chart unknown islands. Maybe you've signed up for adventure! Maybe for gold. Many say that you're crazy and are going to sail right off the edge of the ... More...

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Created : Jan 1, 2017

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Shadowrun - At What Price?

A narrative game based on the pen and paper RPG version of Shadowrun. Players must create a Shadowrunner character in line with the core rulebook. As a Shadowrunner you always have to ask yourself what you're prepared to pay. With creds is easy, but with your very metahumanity? What price is you ... More...

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Created : Dec 15, 2018

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High School for Magical Beings

Welcome to the 21st century Our Headmaster, Merlin, has invited you to come join us for your innate magical abilities or potential. Whether or not you've discovered your magical abilities yet or not, we'll help you tap them and take them further. Be you Angel, be you Elf, be you Human, Dwarf, or ... More...

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Created : Sep 24, 2015

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..........And the dead will walk the Earth logo

..........And the dead will walk the Earth

This is a generic free form Zombie Survival roleplay set in the iconic backdrop of the Romero zombie spectacular! All lore pertaining to zombies will come solely from the works of the famed George A Romero. ... More...

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Created : Jun 12, 2019

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(Note:This is not based off any existing properties that share the title. BD:Eden is a completely unique title.) BD:Eden is a post-Apocalyptic light fiction RPG. You play as a survivor in the world of Eden (Previously Earth). Set in the year 2022, after rising global tensions and suspicious activ ... More...

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Created : Jun 30, 2019

Star Trek: Task Force Cadmus logo

Star Trek: Task Force Cadmus

The adventures of a cross-discipline trouble-shooting team, Task Force Cadmus, located at Deep Space 5 near the Typhon Expanse. Currently Full, but will advertise if new slots open. ... More...

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Created : Jul 19, 2019

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-Under construction- Description pending ... More...

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Created : Sep 8, 2019

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Rancho Bonito Alliance - A Super Story

You've slugged it out with nefarious criminals and foiled the mastermind's fiendish plan for world domination. Now if you could only get a date for the prom. Welcome to the life of a high school super hero. Mild mannered student by day, masked vigilante by night. Can you pass that biology midterm, a ... More...

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Created : Oct 15, 2019

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Uncharted course

it may sound like an uncharted game but it is not your and a group of friends are sailing when you head back to port you can't find it you and your group need to find out where land has gone and fast because your food is depleting so you need to find land and food. ... More...

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Created : May 25, 2019

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A Doomed Destiny

A Doomed Destiny is a series about a world, named Atlas, that was created after the destruction of Earth. Earth's destruction was caused by the humans mainly but along with other species, when they were influenced enough to destroy their own planet causing Heaven itself to fall as well. Atlas wa ... More...

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Created : Oct 14, 2019

Adventures in Middle Earth logo

Adventures in Middle Earth

using D&D 5E rules and the Adventures in Middle Earth (AiME) sourcebooks by Cubicle 7, this game will consist of Posts, emails and Webcam sessions to help the action move along. ... More...

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Created : Jun 3, 2019



After a freak coverance of space time and dark matter the crew of the U.S.S ENTERPRISE are pulled 800 years in to earth's past and join H.MS ROYAL NAVY for king and country this are the voyages of the H.M.S ENTERPRISE to explore new lands to seek out gold and plunder to boldly go were no Englishman ... More...

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Created : Jun 8, 2019

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Jhazentso 2.0

The idea of this game is that we will play a more organic role play game on Discord. Then, after sessions we will work to write it as a play by post story with each person giving the story of that session through the point of view of their character. I, as the dungeon master, will attempt to provide ... More...

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Created : Jun 27, 2019

The Order logo

The Order

Initiated into the Order of the Crow at the age of 16, you have the world at your feet. The masters of the order will teach you the art of magic, summon demons, control people and spawn spectral assistants. Yours and the order's goal, world domination and the establishment of the dark soul religi ... More...

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Created : Sep 1, 2019

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