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Pathfinder 1e: Council of Thieves (GM: Simmyish)

The city of Westcrown is dying. Since being stripped of its station as the capital of Cheliax, the wealth and prestige of the city has gradually slipped away, leaving the desperate people to fend for themselves in a city beset by criminals, a corrupt nobility, and a shadowy curse. A pathfinder 1s ... More...

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Created : Aug 12, 2019

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Monsterhearts - Olympia logo

Monsterhearts - Olympia

A Monsterhearts game centered in Olympia, Washington. ... More...

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Created : Aug 2, 2019

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A New Hope

The Earth was dying and no longer able to sustain life, thus began to construction of the A.R.C.s. Five advanced relocation crafts were designed to transport the last hope of humanity to a new world. 1000 of the world best and brightest, and their families were offered a place on each A.R.C., along ... More...

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Art Elite logo

Art Elite

Welcome to Elite Academy, an arts studio where teen musicians, dancers, and artists of all kinds come to hone their skills. Friendships and romances will blossom, and so will rivalries... ... More...

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Created : Jul 18, 2019

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X-men school days

Player input and ideas are always welcome. ... More...

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Created : Mar 1, 2019

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After humans tried to purge the monsters and other creatures from the world, only a few monsters were left. The creatures found creative ways to either pass as human, keep out of sight, or become practically invisible to the human eye. A few centuries later, the survivors found that the monsters who ... More...

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Created : Feb 2, 2019

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Tales of Terridia logo

Tales of Terridia

A story thematically similar to "Chronicles of Narnia." The description will expand as we discover the stories for ourselves. ... More...

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Created : Jan 26, 2019

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Evil tourist logo

Evil tourist

A normal family is visiting Barcelona (Spain). They come from Xiamen (China) and will be staying at the Mediterranean city for some days. Ying Yue, the youngest daughter, has had a strange cough since they were waiting at the airport for boarding the long distance plane. She and her family have ju ... More...

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Created : Jun 19, 2019

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Bare Blood logo

Bare Blood

It's a lawless world in the year of 1884. For the United States, anyway. In the old Nevada territory is the region of Sundance (fictional), a lawless and disorderly community with a few towns, camps, and gangs as well. It's a desert-like area, filled with dirt, scattered forests, bushes, and rolling ... More...

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Created : Nov 25, 2018

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Rattkesnake Gulch,Texas logo

Rattkesnake Gulch,Texas

Howdy pardner The year is...ehh, who cares what the year is? Call it sometime after the Civil War and the turn of the century. It's the time of the cowboy and the gunfighter, of railroad and buffalo hunters, of Indian Wars and Colt Peacemakers. The place is a booming little town by the name of ... More...

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High School Angst logo

High School Angst

The rigors of high school are hard enough. Now add in the pressures of an elite private academy and the pressurs grow to insurmountable levels. That is the pressure the teens of the Skyler Prepartory Academy face everyday. A school of the elite where the children of actors, politicians and even roya ... More...

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To the Edge of the World... logo

To the Edge of the World...

This DnD-esque RP tells the tale of a ship sailing westward into the unknown and the adventurers aboard her. Their mission is to explore and chart unknown islands. Maybe you've signed up for adventure! Maybe for gold. Many say that you're crazy and are going to sail right off the edge of the ... More...

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Created : Jan 1, 2017

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Westwood Academy logo

Westwood Academy

Here at Westwood Academy, our students are in a rigorous curriculum that includes the classical studies as well as some modern studies. The students will significantly improve their skills in the English language as well as become proficient in the sciences and maths. While they continue on their cl ... More...

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Created : Mar 30, 2020

BD:Eden logo


(Note:This is not based off any existing properties that share the title. BD:Eden is a completely unique title.) BD:Eden is a post-Apocalyptic light fiction RPG. You play as a survivor in the world of Eden (Previously Earth). Set in the year 2022, after rising global tensions and suspicious activ ... More...

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Created : Jun 30, 2019

Citadel logo


The year is 233 . The year emperor Tharis maximu was assassinated by his own brother Vladius causing what we now call the CiraDun or Citadel war. This is where you come in child. You must go forth to Alondil ! Look for Maris Maximu, son and true heir to the throne. Travel forth with your men. Make ... More...

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Created : Jul 24, 2019

The Order logo

The Order

Initiated into the Order of the Crow at the age of 16, you have the world at your feet. The masters of the order will teach you the art of magic, summon demons, control people and spawn spectral assistants. Yours and the order's goal, world domination and the establishment of the dark soul religi ... More...

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Created : Sep 1, 2019

Under Siege logo

Under Siege

Here is the roleplay account for Joan Ferguson and Vera Bennett. Live Fanfiction, and roleplay will take place here. Feel free to add yourself as whatever character(s) you wish! :) ... More...

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Created : Oct 31, 2019

The Wardens logo

The Wardens

Transcription of tabletop. ... More...

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Created : Feb 11, 2020

Seraphim Realms logo

Seraphim Realms

Not meant for children, 18+ Dungeon for literate roleplayers, Delve into a world where pillaging and rape run rampant and morals are thrown out the window. ... More...

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Created : Sep 27, 2019

The wild frontier logo

The wild frontier

The year is 1895. Explore the wild wild west. Survive as a outlaw or as a lawmen. Create epic characters. Wether you are a outlaw or a lawmen enjoy the wild frontier! ... More...

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Created : Feb 10, 2020

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