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The Rangers

The Texas Rangers played an effective, valiant, and honorable role throughout the early troubled years of Texas. The Ranger Service has differed in organization and policy under varying conditions, demands for service, and state administrations, and it has not been of entirely unbroken continuity. H ... More...

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Created : Aug 22, 2023

Lost Mine of Phandelver logo

Lost Mine of Phandelver

. ... More...

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Created : Oct 25, 2023

Alternative Reality logo

Alternative Reality

On your street, in your town, there are people and animals who are not as normal as they seem. They are masking their secret identities to protect the innocent. In their alternative reality, they are dragons, werewolves, healers, angels, vampires, slayers, chimera, unicorns, etc. if there is ... More...

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Created : Feb 3, 2021

Venture City Blues logo

Venture City Blues

In the near future Venture City, the difference between a hero and a villain is Public Relations. (PR). Heroes have corporate sponsorship, luxury accommodations, and a strong legal defense team to deal with pesky accidental collateral damage. Villains have none of these, or have those from the * ... More...

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Created : Nov 10, 2021

Godbound - New Gods Awaken (Sandbox) logo

Godbound - New Gods Awaken (Sandbox)

Heaven has fallen. The world is broken. The Throne is empty. More than a thousand years ago the Former Empires ruled in glory. Wonders beyond imagining littered the nations of that ancient age. Every year, things grow a little harder. The celestial engines among the shards of Heaven are often ... More...

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Created : Feb 13, 2022

Test logo


Test ... More...

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Created : Apr 20, 2022

Star Trek USS Perception logo

Star Trek USS Perception

These are the voyages, into the neutral zone and around the galaxies. ... More...

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Created : Jan 19, 2023

Plague of The Walking Dead logo

Plague of The Walking Dead

18+ Only Based pre-season 1 of The Walking Dead where everything just happened, and people are having to rebuild and learn how the navigate the world. Rules: 1. Characters and players must be 18+ 2. Canon and OC allowed 3. No godmodding 4. No powerplaying 5. NSFW posts allowed, just tag ... More...

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Created : Apr 26, 2023

The Lost Mine logo

The Lost Mine

The Lost Mine ... More...

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Created : Feb 8, 2021

Superhero City: Misthaven logo

Superhero City: Misthaven

You can be a hero or a villain, or just a civilian trying to survive in superhero world. This universe is set in a reality that has all the features of our own: same countries, same personalities (politicians, movie stars, etc.), same historical events (World War II, 9/11, etc.), and so on. The mai ... More...

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Created : May 3, 2021

The Columbary Multiverse logo

The Columbary Multiverse

Description will happen eventually ... More...

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Created : Oct 29, 2021

World of Azgarn logo

World of Azgarn

A 1st edition AD&D PBEM The world of Azgarn is my homebrew fantasy setting of over 20 yrs worth of gaming. It is very Oerth meets a hodge podge of other influences I won't list here. This campaign will be centered in a provincial city-state and your character granted an esteemed position of gr ... More...

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Created : Nov 18, 2021

Spring of Iron logo

Spring of Iron

Setting is in development. ... More...

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Created : Feb 3, 2022

Teddy Bear Picnic logo

Teddy Bear Picnic

On the Jefferson Avenue is an old Queen Anne, where strange things occur. It is a home of dark and despair Whispers, shadows and dread fill the emptiness outside the decaying furnishings. It is not fit for the living but what dwells here is not alive. Even evil needs a home. This is where they liv ... More...

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Created : Jun 6, 2022

Blackbird Fleet logo

Blackbird Fleet

It'll contain both Legends and Canon and willing to do something fun. ... More...

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Created : Aug 10, 2022

Recondite Nexus logo

Recondite Nexus

I can change this later, yeah? ... More...

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Created : Apr 21, 2023

Celestial Nexus logo

Celestial Nexus

In this futuristic conflict, the cosmos is a stage where myriad factions vie for supremacy. Technological marvels define this era, as factions harness advancements from unknown sources. The origins of these technologies remain shrouded in mystery, sparking an arms race that transcends galaxies. A ... More...

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Created : Dec 6, 2023

zombie apocalypse logo

zombie apocalypse

you start in a large city abandoned by the military as all militaries have fallen to the zombies. zombies have taken over the world. zombies and the survivors roam the world you encounter them in the world. you need to recruit people who are good for your community to grow. you need to lead your gro ... More...

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Created : Oct 28, 2020

UTF: Untitled Task Force logo

UTF: Untitled Task Force

Welcome to the world of Aereos! A wondrous mix of technology and magic gifted to us by the seven Divine Roses. Majestic creatures roam its forest, the graceful birds dominate its skies, and the sin of the its six races soil its earth. And its your job to fix it. Highly trained and armed to the te ... More...

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Created : Dec 14, 2020

The Hunters logo

The Hunters

Monster hunters in Montana. ... More...

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Characters : 34

Created : Feb 18, 2021

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