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What’s the most random thing that ever happened in your roleplay?

dinosaur being eaten by rabbits

Random things happen. Fun things happen. Read More


How do you focus on getting stuff done?

Stuff to get done today - the oatmeal

I’ve got no answers. I honestly don’t know how people do it.  Read More


Do people freak out too much about godmodding?

someone's godmodding

I recently created a new discussion thread on RPG-D to see how many people have heard of open roleplaying, and how popular it is. There’s a description of open roleplaying here, and a great article here which makes a great case for it being awesome. Read More


The 3 most important things for making an RP last for years

making an rp last for years

I asked a question on RPG-D to get a discussion going about the best types of concepts for RPs, the kind of concepts that will last. Because we can usually spot the games that will stick around for a while, and the ones that won’t. Can’t we? Read More


When does godmodding become godmodding?

Your roleplayed my character. You won't get away with this

I saw a conversation thread on RPG-D recently about godmodding which we’ve talked about so many times before on this blog. And it occurred to me that it means different things to different people. Read More


Is godmodding all that bad?

GodmoddingI’m hoping to get a discussion going in the comments here. What are your opinions about godmodding?

I’ve seen games fall apart, and arguments caused because of a player godmodding (if you don’t know what godmodding is, see here). But I’ve also seen plenty of people realise their mistakes and learn from it, making them a better roleplayer and a better storyteller afterwards. Read More


How do you stop people from godmodding?

trolling godmodders

I noticed that RPRepository posted a news article about godmodding – which remains a constant problem in roleplaying games. I’d say it’s probably the biggest problem – would you agree?
Read More


Role-playing-games – are we playing a role, or writing a character?


The social aspect of play-by-post games can be a bit tricky. For as long as I’ve known, some roleplayers like to hide behind a character, and pretend to BE the character. I noticed this first a long time ago on a Star Trek game I was part of, where lots of the out-of-game chatter wasn’t necessarily out-of-character. People would still chat as if they were the characters.  Read More


Ongoing Inspiration #OngoingInspiration


I want you think back, think way back if it’s that far. Go back to the time you joined Ongoing Worlds. Was it like stepping out of the safety of the car onto the school grounds for your first day? Was it like walking into a new job? Or was it like finding your new home, somewhere with great people, somewhere to make new memories, somewhere you would not forget. Read More


Tib’s OW 101 | Benefits of the Bad Guy, When The Hero Is Too Much #BadGuysWithBenefits

tumblr_ktna2fMosM1qa02x4o1_400Bad guys, the antagonist, the villain, the creep, always the loser. No matter what it may be a super hero or hero in general always has a bad guy to fight. We all love playing the hero, the guy who gets the girl or the girl who gets the guys because we love to feel good. A bad guy is a major part in roleplaying but sometimes we forget that and we just want to play the good guy.  We hate Mary Sue’s and Gary Stu’s right? Now imagine if there was no Lex Luthor, no Joker, no Green Goblin. A story of a hero would be pointless, the hero would have no bad to fight and everything would be just hunky dory, putting that super hero out of a job. You see that picture of Batman? On the outside, he hates the Joker. But, on the inside, he knows he needs him. This will give you a couple of tips and insight on a good balance with good and evil and why the bad guy is important. Read More